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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Gerard kept his eyes glued to the sidewalk as he walked next to his best friend, his hands shoved deep into his pockets so he wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with them. He normally wasn’t like this at all. Billie always kind of had that power to make Gerard laugh and talk all the time, but now there was something big on his mind. It had been eating at him forever and he’d set a deadline for today to talk to someone about it. Seeing that Billie was bisexual, Gerard figured he had to be the safest person to tell. He’d managed to get all the way to 11th grade without anyone knowing he was gay, although his mother might be a bit suspicious as to why he’d never brought any girls home. He wasn’t even completely sure of himself yet. He was definitely attracted to guys, but did that mean he couldn’t be attracted to girls? He couldn’t remember a time when he was, but maybe he just hadn’t been paying attention.
“Hey, why are you all quiet?” Billie asked, nudging Gerard’s arm as they walked up to his house.
“N-Nothing, I just um… I kinda wanna talk to you about something when we get inside.” Gerard sighed, still looking down to hide the red in his face as they walked around the side of the house, to the back door that led to a basement that happened to double as Gerard’s room.
“Oh uh yeah sure.” Billie shrugged. “Lead the way.”
“Okay, just… don’t be weird.” Gerard brushed past him and opened the door so they could walk down into his room, both dropping their backpacks at the end of the stairs and going to sit on Gerard’s bed that faced the television. “Are you gonna laugh?”
“Dude, what is it?”
“I… I just… I-It’s complicated.” Gerard started fidgeting and he folded his hands in his lap just to keep them from twitching. God, this was already awkward. What was he even doing? “Never mind.”
“Wait, wait Gee come on. You can tell me. I might be kind of an asshole, but I can listen to you about shit.” Billie kicked him lightly in the shin and grinned at him. “Come on, it’s just me. I’m not gonna judge.”
“Um… You can’t tell anyone, okay?”
“Course I won’t. You didn’t get anyone pregnant did you?” Gerard stayed silent and Billie bit his tongue. “Is it really that serious?”
“Well… sort of. Yeah. At least it is to me.” Gerard shifted awkwardly on the bed and folded his legs up, crossing his arms over his chest as if that would some how keep him from spilling his guts. “Swear you’ll keep it between us?”
“Yeah, of course.” Billie smiled. “Dude, I’m your friend. Just tell me.”
“Okay um… S-So, I… I think I might…” Gerard cleared his throat and looked off to the side, dead set on avoiding Billie’s gaze. “I-I think I might be gay and I’m really scared a-and confused and I know I like guys, but I don’t know if I like girls and I think I even want a boyfriend, but I don’t know anyone and it’s all I think about and it’s making me want to throw myself off a bridge because I don’t even know what the fuck I’m feeling.” He took a deep breath and buried his face in his hands before Billie got a chance to respond. “I don’t know what to do. I hate it.”
“Well Jesus, hey… Hey, it’s not such a big deal. It’s okay.” Billie assured him, reaching over to put a hand on his shoulder. “I mean, I like guys. It’s not the end of the world. Your parents are still gonna love you and shit.”
“B-But how do I know?” Gerard stuttered. “I-I’ve never even kissed a guy, o-or even a girl except for a play in fourth grade. A-Am I bi or gay, or whatever pan is? Just what the fuck? I’ve never had anyone that… th-that wanted to try anything with me. I don’t know what I am.”
“Gerard, you don’t have to know.”
“Aren’t I supposed to? How did you know?” Gerard’s hands were twitching his lap and he wrung them together, his heel tapping nervously on the floor as he looked at Billie.
“Well… um I experimented, you know?” Billie shrugged. “I went to parties and stuff. I did stuff with girls and I knew I liked that, but I just kinda figured out I liked it just as much with guys.”
“But how can you know for sure? I-I mean, have… h-have you ever had like…” Gerard’s face turned bright red and he finally just stopped and laughed, shaking his head at himself. “I’m fucking ridiculous, oh my God. I… I was gonna ask if you’ve ever slept with a guy.”
“It’s not really a big deal.” Billie said, making Gerard’s heart skip a beat. “I’ve done it.”
“Wait… really?” Gerard blinked. “With who?”
“A lot of the guys in the drama club are gay. I um… I actually kind of dated that dude Greg for a while, but it didn’t work out. That was like, last year, before I met you.”
“And it was like… good?”
“It was actually really great.” Billie chuckled, starting to blush a little himself. “Um, I mean guys just kind of know what other guys want. I came over when his parents weren’t home, and it just kind of happened.”
“But what about girls?”
“Well, I like girls. I like guys a little better though. Like, I fucking love eating girls out. It’s one of the hottest things ever, but I also really love fucking guys… or when guys fuck me, I don’t care.” He pulled his legs up and folded them, elbowing Gerard in the arm to break the tension. “You know you could have told me this like forever ago, right? Not like I’m gonna have an issue with it.”
“I know, I just… didn’t really know how to bring it up.” Gerard sighed. “Is it okay if I ask you questions?”
“Sure, Gee.”
“How um… H-How do you… do that with another guy? I-I’ve seen porn and stuff, like I know how but I just… I’m totally not sure if that’s how it is in real life. I probably sound like such an idiot.” He looked down and picked at a tear in his jeans, letting his knee touch Billie’s.
“It’s fine.” Billie reassured him. “It’s not that complicated.”
Gerard listened for the next few minutes and tried to take in everything Billie was telling him. From just the mechanics of it, to Billie’s experiences and every second he listened he came closer to the realizing the opportunity he had here. He’d been waiting and waiting for something that would let him know for sure if he was gay and now it was sitting right in front of him. Billie liked guys, why hadn’t Gerard thought of it before? Would it be way too weird if he asked to kiss him? It didn’t have to mean anything, just a way of knowing. Some closure that Gerard was fucking desperate for. “Would it be really weird if I asked you to do something for me?”
“What is it?”
“Could you um… Okay, look it’ll be completely meaningless and we’ll still be friends and everything, but… d-do you think you could kiss me?” Gerard asked in that shaky voice he got when he was anxious. “I-If you want to, just so… so I would know for sure.” He could’ve sworn that Billie’s eyes lit up and his heart started to pound in his chest. This might be really happening.
“Yeah, definitely. I… I can do that.” Billie murmured, moving a little closer to him. “Do you um… just want me to do it or count or something? You can close your eyes if you want.”
Gerard just nodded and did what he was told, leaning forward a little and closing his eyes, praying that he didn’t look totally ridiculous. There was a few moments of awkward hesitation where Gerard was scared to death Billie wouldn’t do it, but a second later he felt a warm, soft pressure against his lips and then he was kissing back. It was better than he’d imagined. Like little sparks were moving from his lips into his fingers, toes, and down his spine, urging him not to stop and to keep Billie’s mouth connected to his. “Holy shit.” He managed to breathe against Billie’s lips before he was leaning back in and kissing him again, still keeping his lips closed but putting his hand on the back of Billie’s neck just to keep him where he was. It was strange, yet so enticing. Their lips came together like magnets. He didn’t want to stop.
“Wow uh.” Billie laughed, pushing Gerard back a little. “Yeah, pretty sure you’re gay.”
“Y-Yeah um… wow. Shit that was… that was awesome.” Gerard grinned. “Can we keep going?”
“Are you sure you want to do that?”
“Yeah of course I do. Come on, it doesn’t have to mean anything.”
“But we’re just fr-” Billie was cut off by Gerard’s mouth on his again and he let the sentence trail off, kissing Gerard back instead. He knew this was kind of an awful idea. They were friends. This was either going to wreck that or they’d end up dating. Part of him wanted to stop and just tell Gerard their friendship was something worth saving, but it felt way too good for him to even consider it. “Mmm.” He purred into against Gerard, swiping his tongue over his lower lip to open his mouth.
Gerard gasped when he felt Billie’s tongue, but quickly rolled with it, letting him explore all the corners of his mouth and reaching his hand instinctively into Billie’s hair. Billie’s mouth tasted like nicotine and Gerard wanted to taste it forever. He was a little unsure of what to do, but it seemed to come naturally and Billie’s tongue moved so gently, it was easy to just give in. Soon, he felt one of Billie’s hands on his cheek and another on his hip, drawing little circles on the skin just under the hem of his t-shirt as their tongues moved against each other. They were breaking apart every couple of seconds or so just to catch their breath, but one of them always pulled the other right back in. Gerard had never felt anything like this before. It was definitely better than just jacking off in the shower and shit. It was real.
“Maybe…” Billie panted against Gerard’s mouth, leaning their foreheads together as he spoke. “Maybe we should think about this a little.”
“Think about what? Can’t we just do what feels good?” Gerard whispered, petting Billie’s hair a little and smiling with wet lips. “I’ve never done this before.”
“I-I know you haven’t, which is why you might regret this as soon as it’s done.” Billie’s cheeks flashed red and he glanced off to the side. “I mean, I always thought you were cute and stuff, but is this what you want?”
“What do you want?” Gerard asked. “Do you like me?”
“Of course I like you, Gee.”
“But like… would you want to be my boyfriend?”
“Would you?”
“I asked you first.” Gerard smiled, trying to play off the nerves that were building in his stomach. “I like you… I can be your friend, but if this is how good it feels just to kiss you, I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to do it all the time.”
Billie’s lips pulled into a smile and he gave Gerard a quick peck on the lips just because. “Y’know I always knew you were fucking gay. I just didn’t know when you’d tell me.”
“Am I really that obvious?”
“You’re a guy and I’ve never seen you give any girl a second glance.” Billie smiled, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against Gerard’s cheek. “Always kind of hoped this would happen, honestly.”
“Well, yeah. I like you Gee.” Billie put his hand on Gerard’s thigh and blushed. “I mean, we can still be friends and stuff if that’s what you want, but you’re kind of good at this.”
“Do you… want to keep going?”
“Do you?”
Gerard’s cheeks turned pink and he nodded. “How far is this going to go?”
“I don’t know… why don’t we just see?”
“Okay.” Gerard laughed, putting his arms around Billie’s shoulders and leaning back in to keep kissing him. He hadn’t felt something like this before and he didn’t plan on stopping any time soon. The kisses slowly became deeper and deeper until Billie took Gerard by the waist and pushed him back on the bed.
“Whoa, shit.” Gerard giggled when Billie started to kiss his neck. “That feels so weird.”
“Do you like it?”
“Yeah, it’s good.” He hooked one of his legs over Billie’s hip and turned his head to the side to give him easier access. “Damn…”
Billie bit down on his neck and listened to Gerard’s soft little moans as he left hickies on the pale skin. He could feel himself getting hard and tried to lift his hips a bit so Gerard wouldn’t feel it.
“BeeJ?” Gerard whispered.
“I-I um… I’m getting kind of…”
Billie saw the redness in Gerard’s face and gave him a little kiss on the cheek, letting his hips rest on Gerard’s so he could feel. “It’s okay, so am I.”
“You feel a lot bigger though.” Gerard blushed. “What do you want to do about it?”
“Do you um… Do you want a hand job? We can do that to each other if you want.”
“Yeah, do it.”
“Okay, hold on.” Billie climbed off of him and laid down on his side, next to Gerard so he could still kiss him, but had easier access to his cock now. “Here.” He dragged down Gerard’s zipper and slipped his hand in so he could rub Gerard’s erection, cupping it lightly through his briefs.
“Damn.” Gerard breathed. “I like that…”
“You are so fucking gay.” Billie teased, kissing the corner of Gerard’s mouth as he squeezed him. “Can you do me too?”
Gerard nodded and reached over to unbutton Billie’s jeans, thumbing them open and reaching into his boxers to take out his cock.
“I um… I guess I work fast.” Gerard laughed, taking Billie’s dick by the base and slowly stroking him.
Billie pulled back the hem of Gerard’s underwear and did the same, pulling him back into a kiss as he touched him. He was nervous, but Gerard saw him as experienced so he didn’t want to show it. He just did what he knew how to do, stroking Gerard’s cock in a slow, steady rhythm and kissing him gently as he did it, trying not to moan too loud from how Gerard was touching him. Damn, it had been a while. Billie almost forgot how nice it was just to have someone else’s hand on his dick.
“God, this feels right.” Gerard breathed against Billie’s lips, pushing his hips forward a bit to meet with the larger boy’s hand. He was a little embarrassed at the size difference. Billie was almost twice as big as he was, but he didn’t seem to mind it so Gerard decided not to dwell. “You’re also really fucking hung, like holy shit I didn’t see that coming.”
Billie answered by moaning under his breath and speeding up his fist, easing a gasp out of Gerard by doing so. “Fuck, I really want to see you cum.”
“I’m not gonna last long.”
“It’s okay, neither am I.”
“Oh God BeeJ.” Gerard gasped, feeling the wiry hairs of Billie’s navel tickle his fist every time his hand came down. His cock was leaking pre cum and he found himself unable to keep quiet as Billie jacked him off.
They kissed again, and their tongues quickly got reacquainted, twisting around each other and wrestling as they pleasured each other.
Billie was kind of in love with Gerard’s cock. It fit perfectly in his hand and made a lot of pre-cum, making it nice and slick when he stroked it. His pubes were also kind of soft instead of rough and wiry, which would a lot less of a turn off then what other guys sometimes had. “You taste really fucking good.” Billie sighed into his mouth. “I’m getting close.”
“Me too.” Gerard whimpered. “L-Like, really close. I’m gonna cum.”
Little more than two seconds after Gerard said those words, he fell over the edge and came hardly into Billie’s fist, moaning loudly and finishing just as Billie grunted and spilled onto the thigh of Gerard’s jeans.
“Fuck.” He breathed heavily. “We’re terrible. That was like a minute.”
“That was amazing.” Gerard sighed, grinning up at Billie with this sparkly look in his eyes that just made him look so in love. “You’re awesome… and I’m really fucking gay, wow. That felt so great.” He pushed himself up a little and pressed a shy kiss to Billie’s lips, still blushing. “Um… Do you maybe want to… go out on a date sometime?” He giggled, his cheeks turning even redder. “Like, I don’t know. The movies or maybe… maybe dinner?”
“Like, as your boyfriend?” Billie smiled, reaching down to tuck Gerard’s dick back into his underwear and zip up his jeans again. “Sorry I came on your jeans by the way.”
“Yes and hush, I kind of like it for some reason.” Gerard leaned forward and hugged him tight, tucking his head into the crook of Billie’s neck, not really caring that his cock was still out or that it was a little awkward. “Hey, thanks for helping me… I really like you.”
“Aw… I like you too Gee. We could go to the movies right now if you want. Your mom isn’t coming home for a few hours anyways.”
“I’m broke though.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay.” Billie pecked his lips and waited for Gerard to pull away before tucking his cock back in his boxers and closing his jeans again.  “Want to?”
“Yeah.” Gerard grinned. “We can take my dads car.”
“And can we make out in the back of the theater?”
Gerard gave a little nod and laughed again, pulling Billie in for one more kiss. “Fuck yes.” He whispered against his lips, putting a hand on Billie’s cheek so he could hold him there while they kissed. “I’m so fucking glad this is happening. I’ve been losing my mind.”
“I’m glad too… I think I’ve kind of liked you for a long time, but I didn’t want to say anything.” Billie blushed, softly kissing the corner of Gerard’s mouth. “You’re just so cute and quiet all the time, we like all the same stuff, and you’re always wearing those skinny jeans fuck.” He leaned their foreheads together. “Come on, let’s see what’s playing at the movies. I’ll drive.”
“Okay.” Gerard grinned, his heart beat picking up as he reached down to tuck Billie’s cock back into his jeans, buttoning them and closing the zipper before cleaning up himself with the bed sheet. “We should um… do this again though.”
“The sex?”
“Yeah.” He blushed.
“I’d like that.” Billie whispered, leaning in one more time and kissing Gerard on the lips just so he could taste him again. “Now come on… I wanna get you in that dark theater.”
The End
just another little oneshot
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Shit. Gerard thought as Frank closed the door to their hotel room. He honestly hadn’t been this nervous in years. Maybe not since that first show he played sober. His heart was pounding, his palms were sweaty, and he was pretty sure that his body was starting to vibrate. What if he messed this up?
“So… are you ready?” Frank asked kindly, walking up to Gerard and hooking his index fingers through his belt loops. “You look a little terrified.”
“I… I-I’m just kind of unsure still. I’m sorry.” Gerard croaked, scratching the back of his neck and looking awkwardly to the side, really trying to keep his eyes on anything but his boyfriend. “Are you sure Mikey and Ray won’t hear us? They’re just next door.”
“It’s fine. They went out drinking earlier, they’re out.” Frank murmured, moving his hands back a little until they joined at the small of Gerard’s back and he was holding him by the waist. “Look, it’s just me. We don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, but tonight’s our best chance. We’ll be sleeping on the bus the next week.”
“Y-Yeah umm… I want to. I don’t know why I’m so anxious about this.” Gerard blushed, still staring down at his shoes. “I um… I just don’t want to be bad at it. I know it’s really stupid, but I really don’t want you to stop liking me you know? I don’t even know what would happen to the band if you felt that way.”
“Gee, we’ve been over this.” Frank chuckled, planting a kiss on Gerard’s forehead. “I’ve liked you since we first met at that stupid party. We’ve had sex like a thousand times before, don’t think of this as any different.”
“I guess…” Gerard glanced over towards the bed and fidgeted a little. “Does it hurt?”
“Only if the other person’s being too rough.”
“And you’ll be gentle?”
“Of course I will.” Frank whispered, tilting Gerard’s chin up and giving him a quick kiss on the lips that made both their hearts jump.
“Can you start?” Gerard whispered back against Frank’s mouth.
“Sure. Just remember it’s like any other time.”
Frank took Gerard by the wrist and Gerard let him lead him, calming down a little bit as he laid down on the bed and Frank snuggled in beside him, hooking one leg over Gerard’s and one arm over his chest with their lips just inches away from each other’s.
For a few seconds, Gerard locked eyes with Frank and he could feel his heart rate slowing down. Frank just looked so… comforting. It really was just like all those other times, only this time they’d be going a step further. At least for Gerard it was further. “I…”
“Shh.” Frank hushed, slowly leaning in to close the gap between them. “Just kiss me like you always do.”
Gerard closed the final space keeping them apart and did exactly what Frank told him, melding his lips against the other man’s with just the smallest amount of tongue that let him taste Frank, but didn’t make it too dirty. “Mmph.” He mumbled against him, his hand flying up to cup Frank’s cheek as they kissed. Frank tasted like the coffee they’d had just an hour ago and it made Gerard want to use his tongue more. This was always his favorite part. Before they got undressed, they would lay together and just kiss, getting each other nice and warm before the sex started. “Frankie.” He breathed against him. “Fuck, I really love you. You know that right?”
“I know that, Baby.” Frank promised, turning his head to start kissing Gerard’s neck.
“God I love when you do that.” Gerard purred. It was like Frank’s lips were electric. Every kiss he planted on his neck and collar left him feeling tingly and when he started leaving hickies, Gerard started to feel twinges in his boxers. Frank swirled his tongue and the blood rushed to Gerard’s cheeks. “Baby I think you can start taking your clothes off now.”
“Ooh, moving a little faster today.” Frank laughed before pressing a kiss to Gerard’s chin. “Arms up.”
Gerard did what he was told and let Frank pull off the black t-shirt he’d been wearing for two days, shaking out his bright red hair once it was off.
“There we go.” Frank murmured, dropping down to take Gerard’s nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it just to get a couple gasps out of Gerard.
“Fuck.” Gerard bit down hard on his lower lip.
“I fucking love what that does to you.” Frank snickered, running one tattooed hand down Gerard’s pale side. “Your skin gets all hot too.”
Gerard laughed a little and looked away, still blushing fiercely as Frank began to press a trail of kisses to his body, leading down from his collar, over his stomach, and to the hairs of his navel that led straight to his belt buckle.
“You and your fucking bat belt, I swear to God. I’m gonna cut my dick on this thing one day.”
“It’s sexy.”
“It’s nerdy.”
“You like when I’m nerdy.”
“That I do.” Frank said, wiggling his eyebrows before pressing a kiss to the bulge in Gerard’s jeans. “Can I take these off?”
“Gotcha.” Frank undid his belt then quickly thumbed open his jeans, earning a sigh of relief from Gerard once he dragged down the zipper. “Damn, it’s easy to make you hard.”
“Is that bad?”
“No. It’s cute.”
“Okay.” Gerard sighed, lifting his hips so Frank could pull his jeans down along with his boxers. “Can… Can I take your clothes off?” He asked shyly, pushing himself up a bit and tucking his hair back behind his ear so he could see Frank better. He felt really exposed and kind of vulnerable, but he wasn’t too freaked out. Frank had seen him naked plenty of times before and he was horny enough not to think too hard.
“Yeah, here.” Frank nodded, moving back up to give Gerard a kiss before climbing off the bed and standing in front of him. “Just do whatever you want to me.”
“Okay…” Gerard swallowed as he sat on the edge of the bed, parting his knees so Frank could stand between his legs. “I really love your tattoos.” He murmured, dragging down Frank’s zipper and cupping the bulge, squeezing it just a little bit to help him get harder. “I know we’re about to fuck, but I’m pretty tempted to suck your cock right now.” Gerard whispered as he pulled down Frank’s jeans and briefs, standing up in front of him and putting his arms around his waist once they were down, one hand reaching slightly down just to feel the curve of his ass. “Frank?”
“Do you know why you’re the only guy I’ve ever been with more than a month?” He asked softly, leaning in to kiss the corner of Frank’s mouth.
“Because you’re the only one who’s ever been patient with me.” Gerard murmured, lifting up the fabric of Frank’s t-shirt. “And no one else ever made me feel safe enough to open up like I do with you. And no one was ever as talented, smart, or funny as you are.” Frank lifted his arms and Gerard took the shirt off, pulling him close and kissing him again, softly and with love. “So, I think… that I’m doing the right thing with you.”
“You’re such a softie.” Frank teased, pushing his fingers into Gerard’s hair and pulling him into another kiss that smushed their noses together and almost made Gerard fall back onto the bed. “You know that you’re the only guy that’s ever fucked me?”
“Yeah.” Frank grinned, nuzzling his nose against Gerard’s cheek. “I mean, I was with a lot of other people, mostly guys, but you were the first for me too. So don’t feel scared okay?”
“I can’t believe you never told me that.” Gerard giggled. “It really wasn’t that big of a deal for you?”
“Not really. I mean it meant a lot because we were intimate, you know?” Frank shrugged. “But I wasn’t too scared to let you do that. I mean I uh, kind of knew how it felt like already because teenage me was a little fucker about masturbating, but I’ve always trusted you and stuff. It wasn’t a problem.”
“So it really doesn’t hurt?”
“It doesn’t hurt.”
Gerard bit his lip and looked towards where they’d dropped their suitcases. “Okay, go get the lube and condoms and everything.”
“Awesome.” Frank kissed him one more time, on the chin, then walked over to get everything they needed while Gerard got settled back on the bed. He wasn’t entirely sure of what position he wanted yet. Doggy style looked easy, but he wanted to be closer to Frank then that. Maybe if they just put a pillow under his hips, they could have sex face to face.
“Hey Frank can you lie on top of me for this? I want to be able to kiss you.”
“Sure Baby, hold on.”
“Okay.” Gerard was getting a little bit jittery, but fuck he was really turned on. Frank bending over the suitcase really wasn’t helping. He slipped his hand down and started slowly dragging it up the length of his cock, spreading the pre-cum around. “Fraannnkkk come onnn.” He whined, sticking out his lower lip as Frank turned around.
“Christ, don’t make me feel like a pedophile.” Frank chuckled, running over to the bed and lying down beside him. He tossed the condoms and lube on the blankets beside them and pulled Gerard back into a kiss, swirling his tongue as he reached down and batted Gerard’s hand away. “Here, let me touch you a little.” He murmured as he slowly rubbed Gerard’s cock. “It’ll feel better if you’re really turned on.”
“Damn, I’m already there.” Gerard mewed, sticking his head in the crook of Frank’s neck. “Can you start prepping me? I want to get that part over with.”
“Sure Baby.” Frank kissed his neck. “Let me get the condom on now before my fingers are all y’know, slippery and stuff.”
“Mmk. Hurry.” Gerard watched him as he tore open the wrapper and rolled the condom on, his fingers digging into the sheets with anticipation. He sort of felt like a virgin again. This was one of the very few things he had never done and now he was trusting Frank with it. It was hot, but it also made him kind of emotional. This was an important step…
“Okay, here open your legs.”
Gerard did what he was told and kept watching as Frank slicked up his fingers. “Slowly?”
“As slow as you need, Gerard.” He promised, waiting until Gerard parted his thighs before lying down next to him and slipping his hand between them. “Ready?” Frank asked carefully, placing the tip of his index finger at Gerard’s entrance.
Gerard gave a shaky nod.
“Take a deep breath, okay? It’ll hurt if you’re all tensed up.” Frank kissed him again and nuzzled their noses together. “It’s just me, Baby. You can relax.”
“Okay.” Gerard breathed, closing his eyes and relaxing his muscles. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry. You ready for me to put it in?”
“Yeah.” Gerard smiled, blushing sheepishly at him and sharing yet another kiss before Frank started to slowly, gently, push his index finger inside. “Ah!” Gerard winced as it was pushed all the way in. “It burns.”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Frank cooed. “You just have to give it a second. I’ll keep still.”
“O-Okay.” Gerard stuttered as Frank petted his hair and kissed his forehead, keeping the finger that was inside him absolutely still.
“Remember to stay relaxed. Deep breaths.” Frank cooed to him, putting an arm around his shoulders. “It’ll stop soon. Your body will adjust. I promise.”
“Did it feel that way for you?”
“It did when I did it to myself.” Frank shrugged. “It’s normal, don’t be scared.”
Gerard’s took in a deep breath and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the burn slowly start to fade. “Okay I think it’s starting to feel better?”
“Yeah? Tell me how this feels.” Frank said as he started to slowly ease his finger in and out.
“…It feels kind of good now.”
“You see?”
“Yeah…” Gerard turned his head to look into Frank’s eyes and felt his lips pulling up in a grin. “I like it.”
“You’re fucking cute.” Frank chuckled as he slowly pushed another finger inside, gently twisting them around to loosen him up. “Just tell me if it hurts.”
He hissed a little when it was all the way in, but he adjusted a lot faster this time and started to feel good again. “Ohh fuck.” Gerard sighed. “Baby that feels fucking awesome.”
“Really good.” Gerard’s toes curled as Frank moved his fingers and he started to push his hips down to get them to go deeper. He felt like there was something they were supposed to touch, but he couldn’t find it.
Frank took a few more minutes and finished prepping him, taking his time to make sure it really felt good before he slicked up his cock and laid on top of Gerard. “Are you comfortable?” He asked softly, his hips right between Gerard’s thighs with the head of his cock pressing on his entrance.
Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck and nodded excitedly, pressing a kiss to his chin. He could feel the blunt pressure of Frank’s length and it was teasing him bad enough to make his cock leak. “I’m ready.” Frank’s body was warm against his and he was pretty sure he was going to explode if Frank didn’t start fucking him. “Do it.”
“Okay, just tell me if it hurts.” Frank kissed him on the lips again and held him there for a moment before he slowly started to push his hips forward, gasping at the tightness. “Holy shit you’re really a fucking virgin at this.”
Gerard whimpered underneath him and hooked his legs over Frank’s hips. “Deeper.”
Frank slid all the way in and kept still, letting Gerard’s hips adjust to it. “Feel good?”
“Yeah.” Gerard giggled, looking at Frank with pink cheeks and big bright eyes. “It doesn’t hurt. You can move.” He felt Frank pull out slightly and bit down hard on his lip when he went back in, feeling a little spark of electricity run up his spine.
“You like that?” Frank grinned, starting to slowly move himself in and out, fucking Gerard gently to let him adjust and to give himself some time to build.
“That feels amazing.” He whimpered. It was like Frank was everywhere. He felt him inside of him and on top of him, all around him. It was incredible and it was the most intimate they’d ever been. “Frankiiee.” Gerard whined. “Baby you feel really good.” Everything was warm. Frank’s cock, his lips, his tattooed arms that were holding Gerard so close, and his chest that rested against his as they started to move against each other in perfect sync.
“Do you know where your spot is?”
“My what?” Gerard said in a breathy voice, still pushing himself down to meet with Frank.
“You know, your prostate.” Frank grunted as he slowed his thrusts a bit.
“Your prostate, Gee.”
“What are you talking about? That’s like… somewhere else. People get cancer there.”
“Wait.” Frank stopped moving and raised his eyebrows at Gerard. “Do you not know what your prostate is?”
“I…” Gerard’s face fell and he started to look scared and nervous again, his body still buzzing from the pleasure as he spoke. “Should I?”
“Kind of.”
Gerard’s heart leapt to his throat and he started rapidly searching his mind. What the fuck was that thing? He knew it was, like, an organ or something but he had no clue what it had to do with fucking. “I-I don’t know.” He gulped. “Is that bad?”
“Baby, it’s… it’s you know, it’s like your g-spot. It’s right up here.” Frank murmured as he poked at Gerard’s navel. “Didn’t you learn that in school and shit?”
“I-I went to catholic school.”
“Oh shit that’s right.”
“Oh my God, you must think I’m the biggest idiot in the world.” Gerard groaned, turning his head away from Frank. “I’m so fucking dumb.”
“Aw Baby, hey don’t say that.” Frank frowned, pressing his lips to Gerard’s neck to try and comfort him. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s fine that you don’t know. I was just surprised you know? Did I make you feel bad?”
Gerard shrugged his shoulders and gazed down. God, he was such a virgin… Why didn’t he know all this stuff? “Is… I-Is it like something you’re supposed to touch?”
“Yeah Baby, yeah.” Frank whispered, tucking Gerard’s hair behind his ear and kissing his cheek. “Here come on, we’ll find it together. It’ll feel really good when I touch it okay? You’ll know when I hit it.”
“Aw come on, you were all happy.” Frank pouted. “Come back to me. You’re doing great.”
“You promise?”
“Yeah.” Frank chuckled, starting to rock his hips back and forth again to get things going. “You feel amazing.”
Gerard’s cheeks turned a little pink and he put his hands on Frank’s shoulders to help push back against him. “You’re sweet…”
Frank reached between their bodies to get a firm grasp on Gerard’s cock and started stroking it slowly as he began speeding up his hips, going in deep to try and find Gerard’s special little spot that would make the experience a thousand times better for him. “Do you feel anything? Like there should be a little something that’s super sensitive in there.”
“I-I think so.” Gerard nodded, too caught up in the feeling to focus too much on talking. “Try hitting up a little.”
“Okay.” Frank breathed, backing out a bit before jerking his hips back in at a little bit more of an upward angle.
“AH!” Gerard cried out, clamping a hand over his mouth as soon as the noise escaped. “Holy shit.”
“Was that it?” Frank laughed as his heart started to speed up. Now it could get good.
Gerard babbled something incoherent and just started pushing back against him some more, making sure he hit it again and again. “Ohh God fuuuccckkk.” He moaned, throwing his head back. “Faster.”
“God you’re really fucking tight.” Frank huffed, putting his elbows on the mattress for support so he could start fucking Gerard properly.
Gerard had never felt this good during sex before. It was a whole new level, almost like he was floating. Every time Frank hit that spot, his whole body tingle and a wave of pleasure just washed over him from head to toe. “Baby are you gonna cum soon?” He gasped. “I’m not gonna last.”
Frank moaned something Gerard couldn’t fully understand and bent down to suck on Gerard’s neck, nibbling and biting the skin all while moving his hips in time with it. He’d let go of Gerard’s cock for the time being, but only to keep him from cumming so soon. “Oh God Baby I fucking love you. You’re so tight.”
Gerard’s cock was drawing wet little circles on Frank’s stomach and he could feel his orgasm building with every thrust of Frank’s inked hips. “Frankie I’m gonna cum.” He panted. “I can’t hold out, i-it feels too good. I’m gonna cum.”
“Me too.” Frank croaked, cursing as he pushed in faster and deeper. “God I love fucking you. Cum for me, Baby.”
Gerard shoved himself down a couple times and after less than thirty seconds of repeating the action, he came harder than he’d ever had in his life, ejaculating onto Frank’s stomach as his whole body tensed and shook for almost a full thirty seconds which was enough to make Frank cum as well. They both moaned together and held onto each other as they rode out their orgasms until their bodies went limp and Frank pulled out. “That was incredible.” He sighed, grinning as Frank went to the bathroom to clean up and throw the condom out. “I’m so glad we did that.”
“I knew you’d love it.” Frank smiled when he crawled back into bed with Gerard and turned off the lights, pulling the comforter up to their shoulders. “You wanna be held?”
Gerard’s face flushed, but he nodded, moving into Frank’s arms so they could snuggle together. It was weird. He was normally the dominant one. He made the first moves, he grabbed Frank on stage. But when they were alone together, he just changed. He melted. Frank just had that effect on him. “Frank?”
“I love you.” He whispered as he nuzzled his cheek against Frank’s chest. “More than anything…”
“I love you too, Gee.” Frank murmured, pressing his lips to Gerard’s forehead. “We have to get up early tomorrow, so get some sleep okay? You know you get cranky when you don’t get eight hours.”
“Okay.” Gerard giggled. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” Frank chuckled in response. “Sweet dreams, Baby.”
When they woke up the next morning, Gerard had never been in a better mood. He kissed Frank about a thousand times, they got dressed together, grabbed some breakfast and then headed out into the cold air to wait for the tour bus.
“You have to keep me warm.” Gerard giggled as he pressed another kiss to Frank’s cheek. “I suck with cold weather.”
“You’re such a nerd.” Frank sighed, lacing his fingers through Gerard’s to keep his hands warm. “It’s cute.”
“I’m just so happy from last night. I’ve never felt that good before.” Gerard nuzzled their noses together. “I feel so close to you.”
“Hey guys!” Mikey’s voice called from behind them, making Gerard turn around and beam at him. God, he was in a good fucking mood. Ray was following behind them and Gerard actually felt a little giddy that they had no idea what an amazing night they’d had. That it was all between just him and Frank.
“Hey.” Gerard beamed when they walked up to them, leaning his head on Frank’s just because he could and because he liked to remind him how short he was. “You guys sleep okay?”
“Well uh…” Ray turned to Mikey and laughed.
“You guys umm…” Mikey crinkled his nose and nudged Ray in the side. “Kind of kept us up.”
“What do you mean?” Gerard asked, his face falling. Please no. They couldn’t have heard everything they’d said to each other last night.
“You losing your ass-ginity.” Ray snorted, prompting Mikey to groan and making Gerard’s heart drop to his stomach. “Gerard Man I had no fucking idea how long you held out. I’m sort of impressed.”
“You guys heard us last night?”
“Well yeah, we’re right next door.”
“A-All of it?” Gerard squeaked.
“Kind of.”
“And you didn’t say anything?! Th-That was private. I-It was just between us, i-it… Frankie you promised me they wouldn’t be able to hear!” Gerard exclaimed, turning and looking at Frank with big hurt eyes. “You said it was completely private. Do you know how much it took for me to give that to you last night? I asked you and you promised.”
“Gee, I-I had no idea.” Frank stuttered. “I didn’t know anyone could hear.”
“Oh my God.” Gerard croaked, covering his face in his hands. “Fuck you guys. That was a big fucking deal for me last night and it was supposed to be private.” He let go of Frank’s hand and walked back towards the hotel, crossing his arms and trying to swallow the lump in his throat as he left them. How could they fucking do that? They eavesdropped on one of the most intimate moments of his relationship with Frank? He heard Frank calling his name as he walked away, but he just ignored it. This was just fucking perfect. It wasn’t fair. Him and Frank never got any time alone and now they couldn’t even find privacy in a hotel room? Oh God what if they both heard him asking where his fucking prostate was?”
“Baby, hey stop.” Frank huffed from behind him, grabbing his arm and pulling him back. “Don’t be like that.”
“Frankie they heard us.” Gerard choked. “Th-They heard how scared and stupid I was and they fucking took away what I thought was the best night we’d ever spent together.” He blinked his eyes rapidly and stared down at the concrete, starting to shiver a bit from the freezing wind blowing against them. “And I asked you if they could hear us and told me they passed out.”
“I thought they did, Gee. Please don’t be mad at me.” Frank murmured, reaching up to cup Gerard’s face. “Come on, please? We had such an amazing night. Who cares if they heard us? We didn’t know that and it was still special.”
“But now it’s not just between us anymore…”
“Well yeah but it was still important. You opened up to me last night. Don’t take that back.” Frank titled Gerard’s chin up and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss despite the stares they were getting from other people. “Look just ignore them. We can squeeze into my bunk like we always do and watch fucking Netflix until we get to the venue tonight.”
Frank took his hand and gave it a comforting little squeeze, threading his fingers through Gerard’s before kissing his cheek and pulling him back towards the curb. “Are you mad at me?”
Gerard shook his head.
“Okay.” Frank led him back to the curb and kept a protective arm around him, shooting the rest of the band a couple death glares to keep them from saying anything until the bus came and Frank took him back to his bunk. “Come on.” He whispered as they crawled in together. There was just enough room in there for them to sit up or lie down together so Gerard kicked off his shoes and snuggled under the bed sheet with Frank. “Better?” Frank asked as he pulled Netflix up on his iPad and hooked an arm around Gerard’s shoulders, making sure the curtain on the bunk was closed.
“Yeah.” Gerard nodded shyly, taking solace in the distant sound of video games from their tour bus’s makeshift living room that meant Ray and Mikey wouldn’t be able to hear them. “Do you um… Do you think they heard everything last night? Or just part of it?”
“I don’t think they would have listened the whole time. That’s creepy, I’m sure they just heard the moaning and stuff you know?”
“Yeah, I guess… Still though.”
“I’m sorry that happened Baby.” Frank sighed, giving Gerard a little kiss on the forehead. “I know how important it was to you, but it still matters a lot that it happened. Even if Ray and Mikey might have heard a little bit.”
“Do you still want to do it again?” Gerard smiled, tracing circles on Frank’s thigh. “Because um… it felt really good. I think I want to ride you next time.”
“Yeah.” Gerard nodded, resting his head on Frank’s shoulder. “Maybe in the dressing room before the show tonight?”
“Sure Baby.” Frank gave Gerard a little squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, nuzzling his nose affectionately against the spot. “I’d love to.”
“Mm, you make me feel all safe and cozy.” Gerard sighed. “Never tell the guys I talk like that.”
“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me.” Frank teased, giving him a little poke in the ribs before resting his iPad against the wall where they could watch it and putting his arms around Gerard, kissing him on the neck just because he felt affectionate. “You mind if I go back to sleep for a little while?”
“I don’t mind.” Gerard shrugged, relishing in the feel of Frank’s tattooed arms holding him. He’d probably die if people knew how soft he got around Frank, but damn if it didn’t feel good. “Hey Frankie?”
“Yeah Babe?”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, Gee.” Frank murmured, kissing him on the corner of his mouth. “We can have sex before the show, okay? We’ll find some alone time.”
“Okay.” Gerard blushed as he started to grin to himself. “Sleep tight, Frankie.”
a little frerard oneshot. i have about a billion that i'm working on at once so i'm hoping to get more up soon. Please comment with suggestions and opinions :)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Gerard chewed on his lower lip, nervous, as he thought about what he was going to say. Him and Frank had been fighting for what felt like forever. They didn’t even argue about things that mattered anymore. They just… yelled at each other and every once in a while had rough angry sex that only gave them a huge feeling of guilt and regret the morning after. Gerard was just so tired of it. He didn’t know how they’d ended up like this. His back hurt from sleeping on the couch for so many nights and honestly, he just missed being able to talk to Frank about all the dumb nerdy shit they both loved. They’d met at Comic Con for crying out loud. Gerard missed the tattooed dork that used to kiss him every morning and wanted to watch horror movies together every time there was a storm.
Right then, Frank was doing dishes in the kitchen, something Gerard had nagged him to do for days. His plan was just to take him out to tonight. Maybe if they just had one nice date, they could start to get back to normal. There was a new horror movie out that he knew Frank wanted to see, even if he’d said it looked stupid just to make him mad the other day.
Gerard took a deep breath and continued to stare at the kitchen doorway. Asking his own boyfriend out on a date shouldn’t be so nerve wracking but he was really afraid of him saying no. “Frank?” He asked softly, forcing himself to walk into the kitchen and face him.
Frank was bent over the bottom rack of the dishwasher, stuffing silverware in, and it made his shirt ride up and his jeans sag in a way that almost made Gerard blush. “What?” He grumbled irritably as he straightened himself back up. “I’m doing the fucking dishes like you asked. Don’t get on my case again.”
“I wasn’t going to fucking-” Gerard snapped before catching himself and regaining his composure. “Fuck, Frank… I just… I want to ask you something.”
“What you need me to get you off again so your balls won’t turn blue?” Frank glared. “You know I fucking hate it when you start acting nice to get sex from me so just fuck off. I’m doing the dishes like you asked me to.”
Gerard’s heart sank down to his stomach but he tried not to show it, a little surprised at himself for feeling more hurt than angry. “Frank I want to go out tonight… Anything you want to do, I just… I want to take you out.”
“You…” Frank put the dishtowel down and laughed. “You what?”
“Aren’t you tired of this?” Gerard shrugged. “I’m tired of it. I don’t want to fight with you and I… I just miss you, okay? I know you really want to see that purge movie. Let me take you tonight. We can get dinner too if you want.”
“Umm…” Frank blinked and Gerard quickly looked down at the floor, afraid to really look him in the eye. “I thought you said it was stupid.”
“I was just being a dick.” Gerard sighed. “I’ll pay for everything. I just want to be with you and I’m really sorry for being an asshole.  We don’t even have to have sex tonight. I just want you back.” His cheeks were burning red and he kept staring down in the hope Frank wouldn’t see it. “Do you want to?”
Frank’s expression softened a little and he took a step towards Gerard. “You really mean that?”
Gerard nodded.
A grin spread across Frank’s face and damn, how long had it been since Gerard had seen that? “You know I’m shorter than you and I can see you blushing, right?”
“Fuck.” Gerard laughed, blushing even harder. “Sorry.”
“Christ I forgot what a nerd you were.” Frank said as he pushed the hair out of Gerard’s face and tucked it back behind his ear, making the hair stand up on the back of Gerard’s neck. “I’ll go just promise to be nice, okay? I know that I’m a little shit but it starts hurting when you remind me so much.”
Gerard gave another little nod, his face still red as he smiled at Frank. “I’ll be good. When do you want to go?”
“Well… We could go to dinner in like an hour, and then go to the movie? I have to get ready.”
“Yeah sure.”
“Okay…” Frank glanced away and hesitated for a moment before he took another step forward and gave Gerard a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll go get ready.” He said as he hurried away towards the stairs, leaving Gerard with a tingly feeling on the spot that he’d kissed.
Gerard touched his cheek and turned around to watch Frank run up the stairs, feeling his heart do a little flip. He couldn’t even remember the last time Frank gave him a kiss like that. Maybe they could finally get back to normal…
An hour and a half went by before Frank was ready and Gerard didn’t say one word about him taking too long in the shower, how they were running late, or how he’d had no time to get himself ready. Tonight, he wasn’t going to snap at Frank and Frank wasn’t going to pick any fights with him. They were just going to be together like a normal fucking couple and be adorable like they used to.
Gerard sort of felt like he was going to prom when Frank came down the stairs. He was wearing one of those black button down dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and those skinny jeans that were way too tight on him. “Wow um… Frank…”
“You look good.” Gerard said, barely managing not to blush again.
“Oh um… thanks. Sorry I took so long.”
“Don’t worry about it, let’s just go.”
The car ride seemed to last forever and it was tense. It was like they didn’t even know what to say to each other when they weren’t fighting anymore. Gerard only lasted about ten minutes in awkward silence before he turned on the radio just to hear something. It took a few seconds for them to recognize the song but, when they did, it made them both burst out laughing.
“Is this seriously the song from our second date?” Frank giggled. “Oh my God.”
Gerard snickered and turned it up, not really caring that they were now two men blasting Walking On Sunshine. “Why did you love this song so much?”
“Why didn’t you love it is a better question.”
“You’re such a dork.”
“Shut up, you were dressed as a character from Dune when I met you.”
“You were carrying a Star Trek box set.”
“Well we were both in line to meet George Takei so it’s even.”
Frank snorted a little and slid over so he could tuck himself under Gerard’s arm, remembering the time they had met at some dumb comic convention in Jersey. “You were such a weirdo.”
“So were you.” Gerard chuckled, keeping his arm around Frank’s shoulders so he could hear to him hum along with the music. “I think we’re almost there.”
“Alright.” Frank sighed, nuzzling his head against Gerard’s shoulder. “I’m really cozy though.”
“Yeah, me too.” Gerard smiled as they pulled up to the restaurant, the last notes of Walking on Sunshine fading out just in time. “Come on, the movie starts in a little over an hour.”
They walked into the restaurant together, staying close but still a little apprehensive at the thought of holding hands as the hostess led them to a round booth in the back.
“Fucking love these things.” Frank laughed as he sat down next to Gerard. “Now we can totally sit on the same side without judgmental assholes giving us looks.”
“Yeah.” Gerard smiled back at him before grabbing the menu and starting to look it over. “Do you know what you want?”
“I don’t really care. I’m Italian, just stuff me with pasta.”
Gerard set the menu down and leaned in a little, nuzzling his nose against Frank’s temple. “I’m really glad you let me take you out.”
“Well I’m still not really sure why you did it…” Frank shrugged. “But I’m glad you did.”
“I just miss how we used to be. I want it back.” He kissed Frank’s forehead and reached his hand over to rest on his thigh, drawing little circles on it through the denim.
Frank looked away and Gerard felt him tense. “I… I don’t mean to wreck this and get all weird but I still don’t understand what made you start hating me… All I ever did was try my best and then… y-you just started acting all different and treating me badly until I... I just hated myself so much that I just threw it right back at you.” He said in a quiet voice, staring down at his lap. “I’m sorry if I’m ruining this, it’s just gonna drive me crazy if I never know.”
“Frank… I never hated you.”
“Then why did you act like it?” He asked, looking back up at Gerard with big eyes. “Gerard, if… If this is your big attempt at fixing us then I’m gonna have to know. Was it something I did? You treated me like shit for almost a year, I-I don’t want us to just have one good night and then go back to that the next morning.” His eyes were getting watery and Gerard didn’t think he’d ever felt so bad in his life. God, he didn’t even know Frank had been that damaged by it all. He thought it was just… bickering. “I can’t do it. I can’t feel alone anymore… Can’t you just tell me why you treated me that way?”
“I… I-I don’t know, Frankie.” Gerard said as he took his hand away. “I don’t know why. I guess we just had that one huge fight and it all went down hill from there… I just got used to it.”
Frank sniffed and pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. He really didn’t want to cry. Not right now. “Gerard I thought you didn’t love me anymore. I… I-I thought you might even be having an affair but I had no idea who with and I was too scared to confront you because if I was right, I would lose you all together. This time last year, I was thinking about fucking proposing to you and now we’re here just trying to put our relationship back together.”
“Frankie…” Gerard’s face fell and his instincts kicked in. He moved forward and pulled Frank into his arms, not really caring that half the restaurant could see him. “Come here. I’m sorry.” He hugged him tight and rubbed his back a little like he always used to do when Frank needed comfort. “I’m so fucking sorry, Baby I never meant for it to get to this point. You don’t deserve that. You really don’t.”
Frank was shaking a little, not much, but enough that Gerard could feel it against him and it only made him feel worse.
“I love you.” Gerard promised him. “More than anyone I’ve ever met, okay? I fucked up, but we’re gonna be normal now, I swear. I love you.”
“Ugh, fuck you.” Frank sniveled, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and yanking him into a kiss. He didn’t open his mouth much but he made sure Gerard got the message when he kissed him gently but a little dirty at the same time until Gerard relaxed into him and they began to move together. Gerard’s lips and tongue were so soft, nothing like how they’d felt when they were just fucking. It was loving and it made Frank’s heart beat in a way it hadn’t since the first year they dated. “Why do I love you? You’re such a dick.” He mumbled when they pulled apart. “I hate you.”
“Mm, but I love you.” Gerard whispered, kissing the corner of Frank’s mouth. “And I’m sorry… and I’m gonna take care of you from now on. Just like I used to. We’ll make love now. I won’t just fuck you.”
“I can fuck you too you know.” Frank smiled, wiping his eyes as he squeezed himself into Gerard’s side, just letting his head rest on his shoulder. “And I love you back.”
“We’re gonna get kicked out of this place.” Gerard chuckled, turning his head so he could catch Frank’s lips again. “I missed kissing you.”
“I missed it too.” Frank laughed in that weird nasally voice of his that made Gerard only want to kiss him more. “Maybe I’ll wear the lip ring for you again.”
“I do fucking love that ring.” Gerard told him between kisses, unable to keep himself away from Frank’s mouth now that he had it. “I’m gonna start making up for the past year.” He whispered against Frank’s lips. “I’ll take a break from the comics and painting so we can have some more time together.”
Frank grinned but kept kissing him, despite it being tight lipped and awkward. “Forget what you said about sex. I’m gonna ride you like a fucking bull tonight.”
“Jesus.” Gerard snickered, leaning their foreheads together. “You’re way too sexy for me to take out in public.”
They eventually settled down a little and a waiter came by to take their orders. Gerard had forgotten how insanely cuddly Frank was though and they stayed attached to each other for all of dinner, feeding each other small bites from their plates and stopping in between to kiss.
“Hurry upppp.” Frank whined when the time came for Gerard to pay the check. “I wanna get you alone in that dark theater.”
“Alright, alright.” Gerard said, putting the money down and dragging Frank out of the booth. “Come on.”
“Yesss!” Frank cheered, nearly running for the door. “Come on, come on, come on.”
“You’re such a dork.”
“You love it.” Frank smirked, yanking him in for one more kiss once they reached the parking lot. “Now take me to the theater before I explode.”
They took their seats in the very back and snuggled in close, ankles hooked around each other’s, arm rests up, and fingers laced together. “Hey.” Frank whispered as the opening credits played. “You remember that time when we went on a road trip and I kept doing stupid shit to make you horny.”
“Oh God.” Gerard blushed. “We couldn’t even wait to get to a hotel.”
“So you drove into an empty parking lot and we jacked each other off.” Frank smirked, turning his head to kiss Gerard’s neck. “That was like… our first quickie ever.”
“It was fucking hot.”
“Damn right it was.” Frank nibbled a little on the skin, then pulled away again, cupping Gerard’s face in his hands so he could kiss him softly on the lips. “Now cuddle with me until the movie’s over.” He grinned when they pulled apart, already squishing himself into Gerard’s side. It had always been his favorite spot.
“You’re too adorable.” Gerard sighed as the movie finally started and he could just relax into Frank. “And your skin is soft.”
Frank blushed a bit and rested his head on Gerard’s shoulder, giving his hand a little squeeze. “Man, it’s kinda cold in here.”
“You cold?”
“Just a little, it’s fine.”
“Wait, hold on.” Gerard pulled his hand away for a moment and shrugged off his jacket, giving it to Frank and making sure he was comfy before lacing their fingers back together.
“That was cute.” Frank chuckled, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks.”
“I just want you to be cozy.” Gerard murmured as he turned his attention to the movie screen. “You know that if I have nightmares, you have to stay up with me.”
“Deal.” Frank grinned.
They stayed close throughout the movie, Gerard holding Frank a little tighter each time he flinched at something on screen. He hadn’t felt this happy in forever. Frank was warm and he smelled like Gerard’s shampoo. They didn’t even care that their palms were sweaty or that people in nearby rows were giving them dirty looks. They were happy.
“Shh, I got you.” Gerard cooed when Frank winced, earning a soft little kiss on cheek from the smaller man. “Here.” He pulled Frank’s legs into his lap and put his arms around his waist so he could hold him even closer, pressing a little kiss to the top of his head.
Frank hugged Gerard’s jacket against him and nuzzled his cheek against his shoulder. “Thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
They stayed in that position for the rest of the movie. Frank eventually just closed his eyes and focused more on Gerard then what was on screen. By the time it ended, he was almost asleep and way too comfy to move.
“Is it over?” Frank mumbled sleepily. “I don’t wanna go.”
“Yeah, it’s over.” Gerard said softly, picking the hair out of Frank’s eyes. “Come on, we can lie down at home.”
“Ugh, sorry.” Frank sighed. “I’m like… too sleepy for sex now.”
“Don’t worry about it. We can cuddle or some shit.”
“Okay.” He giggled, climbing out of Gerard’s lap and rubbing his eyes for a moment before grabbing his hand again. “I’m gonna fucking fall asleep any second, let’s go home.”
Frank sighed happily and rested his head on Gerard’s bare chest, hugging him loosely with the covers pulled up to their shoulders. “This is gonna sound really gay but, I kind of like this better than sex right now.”
“Really?” Gerard smiled, looking down at him to see his stupid adorable face.
“Yeah… I just like being with you. I hated sleeping in this bed alone every night.”
“Well I’ll be here as long as you want me.” Gerard promised, pressing his lips to Frank’s forehead. “I love yo”
“God, I can’t believe we just spent a fucking year fighting. I love you too.” Frank laughed, leaning up to give Gerard one more kiss on the lips. “Sleep tight, okay? I’ll make breakfast in the morning.”
“Okay.” Gerard giggled, giving him a little squeeze. “Sweet dreams, Baby.”
Gerard woke up the next morning in an empty bed to the sound of Frank cursing downstairs and the faint smell of something burning. “Ughh, Frank what’d you do?” He grumbled as he pushed himself out of bed and headed for the stairs. “Frank?”
Frank was standing shirtless in front of the stove, just finishing the process of putting out a small fire with a dish towel which resulted in the whole kitchen smelling like smoke and a huge black circle on the stove. “Fuck, I’m sorry Gee. I-I was trying to make you breakfast but-“
“Jesus, you can’t even make eggs without fucking it up.” Gerard huffed, nudging him out of the way so he could take the burnt pan off the stove and assess the damage to the stovetop.
“I… I’m sorry.” Frank gulped, his heart starting to pound a little. Ugh please don’t let this happen. They couldn’t go back to fighting already. Not after last night and everything Gerard said. God, couldn’t he go a fucking day without messing up? No wonder Gerard couldn’t stand him. Frank’s stomach was turning now and his eyes were burning as he looked at the angry expression on Gerard’s face. The top of the stove was pretty scorched. It was going to take forever to get the black off.
“I should never let you cook.” Gerard chuckled, tossing the dishtowel in the sink and turning back to Frank with a little smirk.
“You’re… Y-You’re not gonna yell at me?” Frank swallowed, staring down at his feet.
“Why would I yell at you?”
“Because I’m a fucking idiot who can’t even make you breakfast without burning the house down.”
“Frankie.” Gerard smiled, walking over to him and lifting his chin up. “I told you. We’re done with that. You just made a mistake, I’m sorry I seemed so pissed I just woke up and smelled smoke and you know… I’m not really a morning person.” He turned his head to the side and pressed his lips carefully to Frank’s, just giving him a soft little kiss that let him know all was forgiven. “You want to cuddle on the couch for a little while? I’ll make us breakfast when we wake up a bit.”
“Yeah of course.” Gerard shrugged, giving him another little peck on the cheek before tugging him off towards the living room. “Come here.” He murmured, sitting on the couch and pulling Frank into his lap.
“Fuck, I was really scared we would go back to fighting.” Frank said as he wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck. “Thanks for being sweet to me.”
“I can’t be mad at you anymore. You’re too fucking cute.” Gerard giggled, pressing his lips to Frank’s. “Hey um… you know since we got too tired for sex last night, we could make it up today.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mm hmm.” Gerard smirked, turning his head to kiss Frank’s neck. “You know I dreamt about you last night.”
“You did?” Frank blushed. “What was it about?”
“Mmm, we were on the beach together and you were just kissing me and kissing me until I put my hand down your bathing suit.” He nibbled a little on Frank’s collar. “You were moaning my name in that high pitched little voice you get when you’re really turned on.”
“What else did I do?” Frank blushed, letting Gerard’s tongue lick the hickey that had just been left on his skin.
“Mm, well after you started getting close, you started to jack me off too.” Gerard chuckled, reaching down to cup Frank through his pajama pants. “Until we both came and you licked my cum off your fingers like you did the first time we had sex in the backseat of my car.”
Frank whined a little and pushed his hips up to meet Gerard’s hand. “That’s really fucking hot.”
“Yeah, I would’ve been hard as a rock waking up if it hadn’t been for your little cooking fiasco.” Gerard teased, kissing the corner of Frank’s mouth as he slipped his hand into his pajama pants. “Want me to jack you off?”
Frank nodded and rested his head on Gerard’s shoulder as he felt his fingers curling around his base. “Fuck, I’m already hard.” He pushed the waistband of his pants down and started to moan softly when Gerard flicked his wrist.
“I love your cock.” Gerard chuckled. “Like it’s not too long but it’s all thick and your face turns red when I rub the tip of it.” He drew a circle around Frank’s slit and watched him blush. “See?”
“Shut up.” Frank giggled, kissing Gerard’s chin and putting his hand on top of Gerard’s so he could guide it up and down.
“Man I don’t know why you still shave your balls and shit but, I kind of like it.” Gerard teased. “It’s smooth.”
“You’re such a weirdo.” Frank breathed, putting his head back on Gerard’s shoulder. “Fuck, make me cum.”
“You’re so cute.” Gerard said before leaning in and kissing him sweetly, barely even using his tongue as he moved his hand up and down to get Frank off. The pre cum made it nice and slick. It almost made Gerard’s mouth water.
“Ahhh Geee.” Frank whined, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks. He never used to get full body orgasms from just hand jobs but after having them from getting fucked for so long, his body was just kind of trained to cum that way. “Fuck, fuck, fuck I feel it coming.” He panted against Gerard’s mouth.
“Okay, I got you.” Gerard murmured, speeding up his hand. He could feel Frank’s thighs trembling slightly, something that always happened when he was close. Little ah sounds were coming from Frank’s mouth and Gerard made sure to encourage him. “Say my name.”
“Gerard.” Frank whimpered. “Oh shit, shit shit, I-I’m gonna- AHH! FUCK!” He cried out, pushing his hips up into Gerard’s fist as his body temperature skyrocketed and he came hardly into Gerard’s hand. “Fuuccckkkk.”
“Damn, you have like an orgasm super power.” Gerard laughed, stroking him until it was over. “It’s awesome.”
“Mmm.” Frank hummed, wrapping his arms around Gerard and nuzzling his head against his shoulder. “That felt good…”
“Yeah?” Gerard smiled, wiping his hand on one of the spare blankets before holding Frank against him and kissing the top of his head. “Fuck you’re so soft. Like your skin and your hair. You’re just so cuddly.” He gave him a little squeeze and reached down to tuck Frank’s cock back in his pajama pants.
Frank giggled and planted a wet little kiss on Gerard’s cheek. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“We’ve been saying that a lot.”
“Mm but I mean it.” Gerard said softly, kissing him again just because he wanted to. “Find something to watch and cuddle with me for a while. I’ll make breakfast soon.”
“Alright but, lay down with me.” Frank said as he stretched for the remote, grabbing it before lying on his side to let Gerard spoon him from behind. “Mmm cozy.” He hummed, leaning back into Gerard’s embrace as he turned on some Spiderman reruns.
“You’re such a dork.” Gerard teased, kissing his cheek and pulling the hem of Frank’s pants down a little so he could trace that tattoos on his hips. “I love your tattoos.”
“I know you do. Kind of why I have so many.”
“Yeah. Whenever I got a new one you used to like… you know.” Frank blushed. “Lick every little line of it.”
“Ooh yeah I remember that.” Gerard laughed, kissing the scorpion tattoo on Frank’s neck just for emphasis. “Damn when you came home with those birds on your hips, I wanted to fuck you through the mattress.”
“Don’t make me hard again, Asshole.”
“Sorry.” Gerard gave him a squeeze. “Have you thought of what your next one’s gonna be?”
“A little but it’s stupid.”
“Aw, tell me.” Gerard grinned. “Come on, I bet it’s something really awesome.”
“Nah it’s lame.” Frank sighed, taking Gerard’s hand and pulling it up to nuzzle his cheek against.
“Just tell me.”
“Well… I don’t know, before we started fighting I’d been really thinking about getting this one thing. You remember that sketch you made of us? Like where it was just our hands and you were holding mine?”
“Mm hm.” Gerard nodded. He still had the drawing on the wall of his studio.
“Well I was gonna get that with like… your name at the bottom. And then if we got married, I was going to have them tattoo rings on our hands.”
Gerard’s face flashed red. “Really? You’d get that tattooed?”
“Well… yeah. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo for you. I just um… I just wasn’t sure you’d even like it. I thought you’d get mad or say it was stupid.”
“Baby…” He sighed. “I would love that… It’s beautiful.” Gerard gave him a quick little kiss on the temple. “You’re such a sweet guy. I’m fucking lucky.”
“Shut up. You’re making me all mushy.” Frank gushed, rolling over in his arms so he could rest against Gerard’s chest. “I’m gonna give you an awesome blowjob later.”
“Mm, sounds good.” Gerard yawned, breathing in the scent of Frank’s skin. “I really want to fuck you though… maybe we’ve got some shower sex in order.”
“Ooh how about the kitchen table?” Frank grinned. “Or the carpet. Just fuck me against something.”
“Christ, you’re hot.” He touched their foreheads together and gave him a little peck on the lips. “Take a nap with me and we’ll fuck in the shower.”
“Deal.” Frank giggled, laying back on the couch and pulling Gerard with him. “But you’re wearing a condom, Asshole.”
“Alright.” Gerard smiled at him, pressing his lips to Frank’s soft cheek. “Sweet dreams, Frankie.”
“You’re such a dork.” He sighed before settling himself in Gerard’s arms and closing his eyes. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“I’m glad we’re done fighting.”
“Me too, Baby.” Gerard whispered, planting one final kiss on the side of Frank’s neck. “Me too.”
The End.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
“Aww Geeee. Can we get him?” Frank pleaded, looking at the small black puppy in the window. “Look, he’s so cute and friendly!”
“Frank, come on.”
“Look he likes me.”
“Frank.” Gerard sighed, crossing his arms and making a mental note not to take his boyfriend to any restaurants with pet shops nearby.
“Why are you always so uptight about getting a pet?” Frank pouted. “You would love him… I’ll let you name him.”
“We’re gonna lose our reservation.”
“Ugh, fiiinnneee.” Frank groaned, turning away from the window. “Will you at least think about it?”
“Frankie, I told you a thousand times.”
“But it’s so unfair.”
“Our apartment’s too small for a dog.”
“But that one’s a lab, they don’t even get that big.” Frank whined. “Pleeaassseee?”
“Alright, look.” Gerard said, stopping in his tracks and reaching over to grab Frank’s hand. “Let’s go to dinner. Let’s finally have some romance you know I’ve been dying for and I’ll think about it. Okay?”
“Really?” Frank beamed.
“Yeah.” Gerard mumbled, shrugging his shoulders. The answer was still no but, if it would make Frank happy then sure.
“WOOHOO!” Frank cheered, loud enough for people around them to turn their heads and glare which only made Frank giggle. “Sorry.”
Gerard rolled his eyes but, he smiled a little anyways. “You’re lucky I find your bullshit so cute.”
“God, you smell really good.” Gerard breathed as he dragged his lips down Frank’s neck. He’d had such a crazy work week, they hadn’t even had time for sex until now and he was absolutely dying. Gerard was spooned up behind Frank in bed with all their clothes discarded on the floor and a few condoms on the nightstand in case they were up for more than one round. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”
“Did you think about the dog at all?” Frank asked, completely nonchalant as if he didn’t have Gerard’s semi pressing against his back. “Because I think if I just walk him while you’re at work, he’ll be all mellow when you get home and it won’t be a problem.”
“Frankie please not now.” Gerard murmured as he licked a strip from Frank’s shoulder to the scorpion tattoo on his neck. “Come on, let me get you off.”
Frank just sighed and started to pick at a loose thread in the bed sheet. “You know it really sucks when you’re at an office all day and I’m just here by myself… I just want something to keep me company.”
“Jesus, Frank.” Gerard scowled, pulling away and staring up at the ceiling. “Why do you do this?”
“Do what?”
“You know.”
“I… I really don’t.” Frank said in a nervous tone as he rolled over to face Gerard. “What am I doing?”
“You purposefully wait until we’re in bed together, when you think I’d say yes to pretty much anything just to get things moving and then you ask something you know I would say no to.”
Frank’s eyes went a little big and he pulled the blankets further up around him as if he needed protection. “You really think I’m that manipulative?”
“Yeah.” Gerard huffed. “I do.”
“I wasn’t trying to do that…” Frank whispered in that sad little voice he got when someone hurt his feelings. Gerard always felt like shit when he used that voice. For someone with so many tattoos and a collection of death metal albums, Frank could be so fucking sensitive. “You know how I am. I say what I’m thinking without realizing and I… I get distracted… It was just what was on my mind…”
“Jesus, Frank.” Gerard said, trying to stay a little angry instead of feeling guilty. “Why do you have to make things so difficult?”
“I didn’t mean to…”
“Well you did.”
Frank chewed on his lip ring for a moment and Gerard could see him hesitating. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, moving forward and squirming around until he’d successfully tucked himself under Gerard’s arm and could hug him. “Please just really think about it for me? I’ll pay for everything, I promise.” He leaned up a little and kissed Gerard’s chin. “I really don’t mean to be so distracted and obnoxious all time you know…”
Gerard’s heart sank. It was true. Frank was the most ADHD person he’d ever met. He really couldn’t help being a little shit all the time. “I know, Frankie.”
“I just get lonely without you here and I love animals.”
“You don’t love spiders.”
Frank crinkled his nose and frowned at him. “Don’t do that, it makes me twitch.”
“I know.” Gerard chuckled, putting his arms around Frank and kissing his forehead.
“So you’re not mad at me?” Frank smiled.
“Not for now.” Gerard teased him, trailing his hand down Frank’s back so he could give his ass a pinch. “Look, I’ll think about it. Like… actually think about it, alright? It’s a maybe.”
“Yes! Thank you!” Frank exclaimed, peppering Gerard’s face in tiny little kisses. “I love you.” He snickered in that nasally little laugh that Gerard shouldn’t love but did. “Really. Like a lot. You’re an awesome boyfriend.”
“I love you too, Frankie.” Gerard laughed, hooking an arm around Frank’s hips before rolling over so he was on top of him. “Now are you gonna let me fuck you or are you gonna talk about puppies until my balls turn blue?”
“I could go for either.”
“Shut up.” Gerard smirked, leaning down to press his lips to Frank’s and get his tongue into his mouth. Damn. Kissing Frank was probably Gerard’s favorite pass time in the world. His lip ring was fun to play with, his tongue was always soft and he knew just how to use it. “Fuck, you’re good at that.” He breathed into Frank’s mouth.
“Oh, I know.” Frank said with a wiggle of his eyebrows that made Gerard snort. In the back of his mind, he was still coming up with puppy names but, mostly he was just thinking about Gerard and how all his other boyfriends treated him like shit except for this one special guy who put up with him and even kinda loved him. Man, Gerard treated him great and now he was asking him for something more? That couldn’t be right. Gerard didn’t deserve that. Frank turned his head for a second and just let Gerard kiss his neck while he thought about what he was going to say. “Hey Gee?”
“What is it Baby?” Gerard whispered, nuzzling his nose against Frank’s.
“Um…” He shifted a little and bit down on his lower lip. “If… If you really really don’t want a dog, you don’t have to get one for me…” He sighed. “You give me enough and I… I shouldn’t ask for more so just forget about it.”
“Really?” Gerard stopped. “Frankie… you really want that.”
“I know.” He shrugged. “But… you pay all the bills and you… you know, you love me… I’m not gonna ask for more.”
Gerard’s heart sank a little. He joked around a lot about Frank being an obnoxious little prick but he didn’t really mean it. Frank couldn’t really think that loving him was some kind of chore, could he? “Frankie, loving you isn’t a favor… You don’t owe me for it.”
“I know.” Frank shrugged, putting his arms around Gerard’s neck. “But it’s a lot of work, isn’t it?”
Gerard’s eyebrows pushed together and he was sure he was going to regret what he said next but he said it anyways. “Okay fuck it. Let’s get the dog.”
Frank’s eyes widened. “Wait really? Are you serious? You’ll let me get it?”
Gerard nodded. “Yes but you have to pay and take care of it okay? By that I mean if it pees, you gotta clean that shit up.”
“Yes, yes, yes I promise!” Frank cheered, yanking Gerard down so he could shove his tongue down his throat, twisting Gerard’s bright red hair between his fingers as he kissed him. “I’m gonna rock your fucking world.” He panted as he pushed Gerard over and crawled on top of him, reaching down to grab his cock.
“Shit.” Gerard laughed as Frank started stroking him, blushing a little when he hardened in his fist. “Damn, I should say yes to you more often.”
Frank kept jacking him off until he was leaking, then stuck his fingers in his mouth and reached behind to start loosening himself up. “You wanna name it?”
“Frank I can not think any more about puppies right now.” Gerard giggled, rubbing his thumb in circles around the head of his cock as he watched Frank finger himself. “No condom?”
“Hell no.”
“Any lube at all?”
“No, just spit.” Frank grinned. “It’s dirtier that way. You’ll cum harder.”
“And…” Gerard’s eyebrows raised a little. “I can cum in you?”
“You better.” Frank removed his fingers and scootched down a little so that he could get his mouth on Gerard’s erection, coating it in saliva and earning a lot of new sounds from his boyfriend.
“Jesus.” Gerard whimpered, his face burning bright red as Frank took his mouth away and moved to straddle his hips. “You’re so fucking hot, Frankie. Really, I’m gonna fucking explode.”
Frank chuckled a little and used one hand to hold Gerard’s cock steady as he eased himself down, moaning as he felt it push inside. “Holy shit.”
“You good?”
He nodded weakly and took his hand away, using it to touch himself instead as he let his hips adjust. “Man, I forget how your dick is shaped sometimes. It’s weird.”
“My dick?”
“No. How I forget.” Frank giggled, rolling his hips a bit. “Your dick’s awesome. Like it’s not super long but it’s all thick and fucking veiny. It’s like if Danny Devito was a body builder, your dick would be the penis version of that.”
“I…” Gerard blinked. “I don’t-”
“Yeah, I don’t know where the fuck that came from either.” Frank snickered, starting to slowly ease himself up and down.
“Well I never thought I’d hear Danny Devito when I was balls deep in my boyfriend.” Gerard sighed as Frank started moving a little more.
“I think I’m ready.” Frank breathed, bending down and putting his weight on his elbows so he could kiss Gerard. “I’m gonna ride you so fucking hard.”
Gerard put a hand on Frank’s hips and whispered the word go once before Frank started moving his hips up and down Gerard’s length and their lips smashed together in a deep kiss. He twisted his tongue around Frank’s and let him swallow his moans as Frank made Gerard fuck him. “God, you’re really tight Frankie.”
“Yeah?” Frank smiled, kissing the corner of Gerard’s mouth as he grabbed his hand. “Touch me.”
Gerard did what he was told and started to stroke Frank’s cock, rubbing his thumb around the tip to make him whimper.
“N-Not the head.” Frank gasped. “It’s too much.”
Gerard bucked his hips up to meet with Frank and kissed him again, only using a little tongue so he could make it sweet.
Frank purred into his mouth and started moving his hips a little faster. “Ahhh!” He cried out as Gerard’s tip hit his prostate especially hard.
“Almost there?”
He nodded and stuck his head in the crook of Gerard’s neck. “Close.”
“Fuck, me too Frankie.” Gerard panted, wrapping his arms around him and pushing his hips up so he could go deeper. “Faster Baby.”
Frank sped up his movements and kept everything quick and shallow, making the bedsprings squeak as he pushed himself to move up and down, his orgasm building with each little touch his prostate got. He could feel the heat spreading throughout his body that meant he was about to cum and pushed himself down especially hard just to push him over the edge. “FUCK! GERARD!” He shouted as he spilled into Gerard’s fist, his whole body trembling with ecstasy as his climax hit. “AHH FUCKING CHRIST! MOTHERFUCKER!”
The tightening of Frank’s muscles was enough to push Gerard over the edge too and they came together, gripping each other and moaning out loud as their bodies tensed with the pleasure. “Holy shit.” He breathed. “We fucking suck, that was like ten minutes tops… but still awesome. You’re awesome.”
Frank pulled himself off and flopped down next to Gerard, grinning as he snuggled in close. “It was good for you?”
“Yeah.” He sighed dreamily, putting his arms around Frank and kissing the top of his head. “It’s always good…”
Frank pulled up the blankets and rested his head on Gerard’s chest. “I wanna name the puppy something cool… like Professor Buckley.”
“Whatever you want, Baby.” Gerard smiled. He was giving up on this. Frank was too cute when he was happy.
“You’re gonna love him.”
“I’ll get used to him.”
Frank yawned and nuzzled his cheek against Gerard’s smooth chest. “Nah… You’re gonna love him. Ready to go to sleep?
“Mm hmm.”
“Good ‘cause I’m falling asleep on you.” Frank giggled, grabbing Gerard’s hand as he shut his eyes. “Can we go get the dog in the morning?”
“Alright.” Gerard chuckled.
“Thank you.” Frank whispered, kissing Gerard’s collarbone. “Goodnight.”
“Sleep tight, my little Frankiestein.”
Frank woke Gerard up first thing in the morning and made him breakfast, filled him with coffee and then dragged his ass down to the pet store where the same black lab from the day before was sitting in his pen. “Look, that’s the one!” He beamed as he crouched down next to the pen and reached over to pet the puppy’s little head. “Hey there Little Guy, we’re gonna take you home today.” The puppy let out a little bark in reply and Frank giggled. “Look at him, Gee. Aww.”
“It’s just a dog, Frankie.”
“Shut up, I love him.” Frank cooed as he scooped up the puppy up and started pressing little kisses into his fur. “Let’s go pick out a cage and a leash and stuff, then we can go buy him and fill out all the papers and stuff.”
“Alright.” Gerard sighed, smiling a little in spite of himself. Frank just looked so cute and happy…
They walked through the pet store and grabbed everything they needed. Food, bowls, collar, leash, and a roomy cage to keep him in when they needed to. Gerard knew it was going to be pretty expensive but, at least Frank was paying for it all. He’d really never seen him this happy before. It was pretty adorable.
“Thanks for carrying all that stuff.” Frank grinned as he petted the puppy in his arms. “I’ll go find a worker.”
“Great.” Gerard huffed, trying to hold up the cage he’d stuffed everything into so he could carry it.
Frank smacked a kiss to his cheek and ran off, leaving Gerard in the middle of the dog food aisle while he went to get someone who could check them out and provide the paperwork.
He had to stand there for a while, holding the stupid cage until Frank came back with a woman in a uniform who brought them to the counter. Frank signed and filled out all of the papers, holding the puppy the whole time as if it would run away and disappear if he let go of it. “I’m so excited.” He laughed as the woman rung up all the charges. “Thank you so much, Gee. I’m so fucking happy.” Frank used his free hand to take Gerard’s and tugged him down into a soft kiss. “I love you.”
Gerard’s cheeks turned pink, knowing that other people could hear him but he leaned in anyways and gave Frank a little kiss on the forehead. “I love you too, Frankie.”
“Can I have your credit card, Sir?”
Frank leaned his head on Gerard’s shoulder and handed it to her, hugging the dog against his chest. “He’s so warm and fuzzy. I love him.”
“Umm…” The woman bit her lip and looked up at him. “Sir, your card’s been declined. Your account is empty. Do you have another one?”
Frank’s face fell. “Really?”
She nodded.
“I… I-I don’t have anything else.” His heart dropped to his stomach and he looked down at the puppy in his arms, his voice wobbling a little when he spoke. “Does that mean I can’t get him?”
Fuck, Gerard thought. Frank looked completely heartbroken now, it made him feel guilty just looking at it. “Baby…”
“Fuck.” Frank swore, his eyes still glued to the dog in his arms.. “I-I’m sorry, Gee. I didn’t know I was tapped out, we… w-we can get him some other time.”
Gerard’s expression softened a little and he pulled his wallet out of his pocket. “I got it, Frankie.”
He handed his card to the worker and nodded, pecking Frank’s lips real quick. “Don’t worry about it.”
Frank’s eyes lit back up and he could have just pounced on him. “Oh my God, thank you.” He beamed, hugging Gerard with one arm and squeezing him. “You’re the best boyfriend ever. I’ll pay you back, I promise.”
“I just wanna see you happy, hush.” Gerard said shyly, picking the cage up again as he took his credit card back. “Let’s go home.”
Frank grabbed his hand and laced his fingers through Gerard’s. “Yeah…” His lips pulled up in another little smile but, this one looked a little different. He wasn’t just excited, he just looked so… content. And he was giving Gerard those eyes that only appeared when Frank was feeling especially in love. “Let’s go.”
Gerard flopped back down on the couch when they got home and watched Frank play with the dog. He was still tired from getting up early. He’d rather just sit back and observe the cuteness of it all.
Frank giggled as the puppy ran around the carpet and scooped it up when it ran by him so he could kiss its floppy little ears. “Hey Professor Buckley, you like your new home?” He hugged it against his chest. “I’m gonna take such good care of you.”
“You’re so cute with that dog.” Gerard chuckled.
“I’m so happy.”
“Aw, I’m glad Baby.”
“No.” Frank sniffled, still smiling as he nuzzled his nose against the puppy’s. “I’m really fucking happy.” He blinked back tears in his eyes and let the dog rest in his lap.
“Hey.” Gerard murmured, sitting himself up. “Why are you crying?”
Frank shook his head and wiped his eyes a little.
“Are you okay?”
“I just…” Frank sniffed. “I grew up in foster care, Gee. We didn’t have pets and shit. I’ve wanted a dog ever since I was a little kid… I can’t thank you enough.”
Gerard was pretty sure his heart physically softened and he wanted to kick himself for telling Frank no after all this time. He got off the couch and sat down on the floor next to him so he could plant a little kiss on his cheek, hooking an arm around Frank’s shoulders. “I’m sorry I kept saying no, Baby…”
“It’s okay.” Frank said, his voice wobbling. “It means a lot that you did this for me.”
“Aw, Frankie…” Gerard gave him a little squeeze and rested his head on Frank’s shoulder. “Don’t cry, okay? When you cry, I cry and then we’ll just be two grown men crying over adopting a puppy.”
“Okay.” Frank laughed, watching as the dog reached its little paw out and touched Gerard’s knee. “Aw look… he likes you.”
“I guess he is kinda cute.” Gerard admitted, reaching over to tickle behind its ears. “And he makes you all happy and shit so I guess I gotta love him too.”
“I knew you would.” Frank picked the puppy up and set him down on the rug so he could run around a little, turning to press his lips against Gerard’s now that there wasn’t anything between them. “Can I give you a little thank you present?”
“What do you mean?” Gerard blushed, watching as Frank moved over and sat down in his lap. “Hi there.”
“Hi.” Frank giggled, kissing the corner of Gerard’s mouth. “Wanna make out a little?”
“Of course.” Gerard whispered just before Frank attached their mouths again and he got preoccupied with sticking his tongue down Frank’s throat.
Frank made soft little mmm sounds against Gerard’s mouth as they kissed and kept his hands twisted in the red hair that occupied his boyfriend’s head, just making sure he wouldn’t pull away from him. “You still taste like coffee.”
“So do you.” Gerard mumbled against Frank’s lips. “It’s hot.”
Frank twisted his tongue around Gerard’s and reached his hand down so he could palm the bulge that was rising in his jeans, earning a soft gasp and a moan from Gerard. “Like that?” He said into his ear, rubbing his thumb in circles over the denim just to tease him.
“Fuck.” Gerard breathed. “Take it out, Frankie.”
“Hand job?”
Gerard gave a weak nod and pushed his hips up against Frank’s hand, prompting him to pull the zipper down and take out his cock.
“There we go.” Frank murmured, grabbing it at the base and stroking it with a tight grip to really get Gerard going. “This is for being so sweet, yeah? Because I love you.”
Gerard blushed and nodded, wrapping his arms around Frank’s waist and kissing him deeply.
Frank spread the pre-cum around for lube and flicked his wrist, sucking Gerard’s lower lip into his mouth and biting down on it lightly just because he knew it drove Gerard wild.
Gerard swirled his tongue around Frank’s and kept a hand on his cheek so he wouldn’t move too far away. Kissing him just felt so natural but it was still completely raw and fucking sexy. “Fuck, Frankie. Make me cum.”
Frank dragged his hand up and down Gerard’s shaft and kept his lips attached to the other man’s, kissing him in a way that was dirty and sweet at the same time. “You’re such a good boyfriend.” He smiled as Gerard moaned softly into his ear. “I love getting you off.”
“Fuck Baby, keep talking like that.” Gerard breathed, digging his nails into his shoulders.
“Mm, you know I might just suck your cock later too. I think you’ve earned a little extra sex tonight.” He smirked, pressing his lips to the corner of Gerard’s mouth. “Or we could take a shower together and you can fuck my brains out against the wall.”
“Damn.” Gerard blushed, closing his eyes. “That sounds fucking awesome.”
“Fuck yeah.” Gerard’s breath hitched a little when Frank rubbed his tip and he leaned his forehead on Frank’s shoulder. “Fuckkkk Frankie I’m getting close. I don’t last long when you’re just jacking me o-off.” He stuttered as Frank sped up his hand.
“Shhh.” Frank hushed as he turned his head to the side and dragged his tongue up the length of Gerard’s neck, tightening his grip. “I got you. Cum for me.”
“Frankieee.” Gerard whined, bucking his hips up to meet with his fist. “I’m really close, fuck.”
“You sound like porn.” Frank snickered, kissing Gerard’s collar as he slid his hand up and down Gerard’s shaft.
“Fuckfuckfuck.” Gerard gasped, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks and spread throughout his body. “Frankie, shit I’m- Fuck!” He exclaimed, jerking his hips up as he spilled into Frank’s hand and digging his fingernails into his shoulders, refusing to let go until his orgasm passed and his body relaxed. “Damn, Frank.”
“That was hot.” Frank chuckled, wiping his hand on Gerard’s jeans before tucking his cock away and zipping them back up for him.
“You’re gross.”
“You like it.”
“Mm, I kinda do.” Gerard sighed, tugging Frank a little closer and planting a soft kiss on his lips. “I think the dog just watched us.” He whispered, glancing off to the side where Professor Buckley appeared to be looking Frank dead in the eye.
“Hush, he’s a little puppy. He doesn’t know what sex is.” Frank kissed the corner of Gerard’s mouth and climbed off of him so he could scoop up the dog again. “Who’s Frank’s little pervert?”
“Me, you Asshole.” Gerard teased, pushing himself back onto the couch and holding his arms out. “Come cuddle. You can bring the dog.”
“Alright, I’m coming.” Frank smiled as he flopped down on the couch with him and set the puppy on Gerard’s stomach. “Aw, look.” He giggled when it laid down on Gerard and closed its eyes. “He likes you. That’s so cute.”
“I guess he’s kind of adorable…” Gerard hooked his arm around Frank’s shoulders and gave him a little kiss on the forehead. “You wanna nap with me?”
“Yeah sure.” Frank blushed, wanting to remember this moment where everything felt perfect. Gerard’s arms were strong around him and hell, he just felt so fucking warm and happy. It gave him that feeling like when he wore Gerard’s jackets in the winter and didn’t wash them until they lost his scent.
Gerard’s fingers raked lazily through Frank’s hair and he didn’t even mind that the dog was lying on him. He felt good… Really good. Like this was exactly how it was supposed to be. “Hey Frankie?”
“Um… Do you ever just kind of… think about us?”
“What do you mean?”
“Like uh… you know.” Gerard blushed. “Us… The future.”
Frank’s heart jumped a little and he looked up at him with big eyes. “You mean…”
“Well, I’m not proposing or anything.” Gerard laughed. “But um… I just think that this feels really right… being with you. It feels like it’s supposed to be this way.”
“Yeah, I feel the same.” Frank smiled as he tickled the puppy behind its ears. “But um… if it doesn’t freak out to answer, can you um… y’know, can you see us getting married one day?”
Gerard thought about it for a moment. Not too many things would change… But, still. He was guaranteed to wake up to Frank’s dumb sleepy face every morning. They’d still cuddle way more than two grown men should want to and when they were fucking like rabbits and Frank grabbed his hand, there’d be a ring there now. “Yeah.” He said softly. “I can…”
“Me too.”  Frank hooked one leg over Gerard’s and gave him a soft little squeeze. “I think I’d be a pretty kick ass husband. I know your coffee order.”
“Yeah you do.” Gerard giggled. “And I know how to cut the pants legs on your jeans so they’ll fit your tiny ass legs.”
“You are the only one that gets them right.” Frank blushed, pressing a shy little kiss to Gerard’s jaw before he picked up Professor Buckley and placed him carefully back on the floor. “Sorry Cutie, you’re kind of cuddle blocking me.” He joked before rolling back over and putting his arms around Gerard. “Mm, that’s better.”
Gerard nuzzled his nose against Frank’s hair and chuckled at the smell of his coconut shampoo. “I’m happy we did this.”
“I knew you would be.”
“Do you um…” Gerard laughed a little and leaned his forehead against Frank’s. “You want to go have sex again?”
“Can I go on top?”
“Okay.” Frank snickered, pulling Gerard down into a soft little kiss. “Let’s go.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Gerard woke up at three a.m. covered in sweat and trembling all over. "Fuck." He choked, sobbing as he reached over to shake Billie's shoulder. "BeeJ?"
"Hm?" Billie's eyes drooped open and he rolled over to face Gerard. "Hey, what's wrong? Nightmare?"
Gerard gave a weak nod and tucked himself under Billie's arm, clinging to him as he trembled. "M-M-My D-Dad w-was..." His sentence trailed off into a sob and he squeezed Billie tighter. "It felt so real."
"Oh Baby..." Billie rubbed Gerard's back and kissed the top of his head. "It was just a dream. I got you now. You're safe."
Gerard whimpered and grabbed onto Billie's hand so he could squeeze it. "I-I just n-need to stop shaking."
"Breathe, Sweetheart. Just breathe." Billie cooed, petting Gerard's hair to soothe him. "Deep breaths in and out."
Gerard took a deep, shakey deep breath and sniffled, pressing his lips to the back of Billie's hand despite his trembling. "P-Please just hold me."
"Of course Beautiful, I got you." Billie murmured, hugging them tight as he pressed a series of cute little kisses to Gerard's cheeks. "I'm right here, you're safe."
Gerard whimpered a little and kept taking deep breaths, trying to get his heart to stop pounding.
"Do you want to talk about it?"
He shook his head.
"Okay, well just try to calm down a little. I'll stay up with you."
"Th-Thank you." Gerard stuttered, nuzzling his head against Billie's shoulder. "S-Sorry."
"Don't be... I'm here for you."
"I hate this so much."
"I know, Gee... It'll get better."
"Okay." Gerard sniffed, letting Billie hold and comfort him while small tears rolled down his cheeks. "Tell me you love me."
"I love you." Billie smiled. "More than anything, alright? You mean the world to me so just take some deep breaths and try to let this pass. I'll stay up with you as long as you need."
"Th-Thank you." Gerard whimpered, his chest heaving as he caught his breath back.
Billie squeezed him tight and kept kissing him, doing his best to calm Gerard down again. "I got you." He cooed. "Just keep taking deep breaths."
Gerard wrapped his arms around Billie's neck and sighed. "Thank you..."
"No problem, Baby. Can you go back to sleep?"
"I-I don't think so." Gerard gulped. "Umm... D-Do you think... Do you think you could get it up right now or are you too tired?"
Gerard gave a weak little nod. "I think if I just cum, I'll be able to go back to sleep..."
"Umm... yeah sure. Just give me a sec." Billie reached under the comforter and pulled his cock out of his boxers, rubbing it a little to get himself going.
"Great." Gerard breathed, pulling away from him. "I'll prep myself, I just want to ride you real quick." He stuck his fingers in his mouth and squirmed his way out of his pajama pants, kicking them off  so he could get his hand between his thighs. "Fuck." He sighed as he slipped a finger inside of himself
Billie touched himself until he had a full erection then reached under the mattress for the lube. "Are you ready?"
"Almost." Gerard grunted as he stretched himself, scissoring two fingers. "Okay, I think I can take your cock now but, it's gonna be really tight."
"Sure just don't hurt yourself." Billie whispered as he slicked up his cock with the lube, then tossed it aside as Gerard climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.
Gerard reached his hand down and carefully eased himself down on Billie's erection, his face burning red as he felt the stretch. "Oh." He moaned, throwing his head back. "Fucckkk yeah that's just what I need."
Billie put his hands on Gerard's hips and bit down on his lower lip as Gerard started to move up and down. "Damn, Gee."
Gerard wiped his eyes and started to move faster, wanting this to be quick. "Unff." He mumbled under his breath as he pushed himself down on Billie's cock. "I love you, BeeJ. Feels so fucking good." He wrapped his hand around his dick and started stroking it roughly as he bounced up and down. "Mmm..."
"Fuck." Billie laughed as Gerard moved. "You're so awesome, don't stop moving."
Gerard grinned a little and was about to lean over to kiss him when he heard the door to the basement open and they both froze.
"GERARD ARTHUR WAY!" His mother shrieked from the top of the stairs. "YOU ARE IN SUCH BIG TROUBLE YOUNG MAN!"
Gerard froze and stared at his mother with eyes. "W-What? W-Why are you down here?"
"I thought I heard something and I came to check on you." She glared, crossing her arms over her chest. "Do you have any idea how angry I am with you right now?"
"Jesus Christ." Billie sighed, completely humiliated as he yanked the blankets up over them, giving them a little coverage as Gerard climbed off of his lap.
Gerard's skin was pale and he grabbed onto Billie's hand, starting to shake again. "I-I... I-I'm sorry Mom." He stuttered, feeling his anxiety sky rocket.
"Both of you get dressed and meet me in the living room right this minute." She hissed, making Gerard tighten his grip on Billie's hand. "You have one minute to get out there or I'm coming down to drag you there myself."
His mother left and slammed the door behind her, leaving Gerard trembling and Billie blushing.
"Oh my God, we fucked up." Gerard said with a shakey voice. "Sh-She's not gonna let me sleep with you anymore, w-what am I gonna do about my nightmares and y-you'd have to go home to your mom a-a-and..." His lower lip quivered but, Billie quickly wrapped his arms around him.
"Shh, it'll be okay." Billie murmured. "Worst case scenario, you're grounded for a little while. Get dressed, it's gonna be okay."
Gerard sniffed a little and nodded, sliding out of bed to get his clothes back on while Billie did the same. "I-I'm afraid I'm gonna have an attack..."
"Do you feel it coming on?"
"Y-Yeah and n-now I'm gonna get screamed at, I-I just..." Gerard wiped his eyes and grabbed Billie's hand again. "Please just hold my hand when she yells at me, i-it helps me keep it together."
"Yeah, of course." Billie whispered, planting a cute kiss on Gerard's cheek. "Come on, I'll be right there with you..."
They both walked up the stairs, hand in hand, and walked out into the living room where Gerard's mother was waiting for them.
"Take a seat." She frowned, gesturing to the couch.
Gerard sat down and laced his fingers through Billie's as he waited for her to start screaming at him.
"What was Billie doing in your room at three a.m.?"
"I..." Gerard gulped. "I-I wanted him to sleep with me tonight..."
"So you what? You snuck him in?"
Gerard gave a weak nod.
"Gerard, this is unbelievable." Donna huffed. "You're sixteen years old, this is completely innapropriate. How often has this been happening?"
"U-Um..." Gerard looked over at Billie and bit his lip. "A-Almost every night... for a few weeks."
Gerard's hand trembled in Billie's grip and he squeezed his eyes shut. "P-Please don't scram at me."
Gerard whimpered and tried to keep his head straight. He didn't want to have a panic attack, he really really didn't. All the yelling was just making him think about his dad and he couldn't stop shaking. Hadn't the nightmare been enough? He was going to start having flashbacks if his mom didn't stop.
"Hey." Billie said sternly, wrapping his arm around Gerard's shoulder. "L-Look, Donna I can explain all of this just please stop yelling, it's freaking him out."
"You have no right to speak right now." Donna snapped at him. "What would your mother think if she knew what you were up to every night?"
"Well u-umm..." Billie stammered and shifted a little uncomfortably. "I-It's a little complicated."
"M-Mom please." Gerard stuttered, his breath hitching. "D-Don't blame him."
Donna rolled her eyes. "Gerard, this is unacceptable. I don't want you seeing him anymore."
Gerard's mouth dried. "What?"
"I can't trust you on your own, you were doing completely fine until you started this relationship."
Gerard's heart started to pound. No, no, no. This couldn't be happening. He couldn't lose the one bit of happiness he had in his life. Billie was all he had. "M-Mom you can't do that to me."
"I'm your mother, I can do what I want and there's no way I'm letting this continue. I'll be taking your phone and keeping you at home until you're ready to leave for college and that'll be it."
Gerard's breath started to quicken and he broke into sobs, shaking his head as he latched onto Billie and squeezed him. "No, no, no BeeJ don't let this happen. Please, you know that I love you."
"Hey, hey Gee it's okay." Billie murmured. "Try to calm down, you're gonna be fine." He looked up at Gerard's mother with pleading eyes. "Look, Donna I'm sorry but, you can't do that to him. Don't you think you're overreacting?"
Gerard sniffled and buried his face in Billie's neck. "I j-just want to go back to bed with you, d-don't leave." His chest was heaving and his breath hitched as he hugged him. "I-I can't deal with all my shit on my own. Please."
His mother's expression wavered for a moment but she quickly recovered and glared back at Billie. "I think you should leave."
"Donna please." He sighed. "Look at him. You're scaring the living hell out of him, would you please just lighten up a little? I'm sorry but, there's a good reason for all of this."
"I highly doubt that."
"MOM FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Gerard exclaimed, lifting his head enough to look at her but not letting go of Billie. "I'M FUCKING SORRY, OKAY?! HE'S BEEN SLEEPING HERE BECAUSE I'M HAVING THOSE GOD DAMN NIGHTMARES ALMOST EVERY NIGHT AND BECAUSE HIS MOTHER BEATS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HIM WHEN HE COMES HOME! I COULDN'T EVEN TELL YOU BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BE THROWN BACK IN THERAPY BUT, HE'S THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME SANE ANYMORE AND I FUCKING NEED HIM OKAY?! I'M SORRY!" He wiped the tear tracks from his face angrily and leaned his head back on Billie's shoulder. "I'm sorry BeeJ, I don't want you to have to go home to your mom. This is all my fault."
"Gee..." Billie sighed. "No it's not. I'm just gonna go, it wasn't right for me to take advantage like this."
"No, please." Gerard begged. "BeeJ don't."
Donna looked at the two of them and felt her heart sink. "Gerard..."
He shook his head and hugged Billie tighter, afraid that if he let go he'd lose him.
"Honey, is... is all that true?"
"Th-The nightmares won't stop and I'm too scared to let Billie go home." Gerard snivelled. "Please don't take this away from me, he's the only one who knows how to calm me down when I have an attack."
Billie rubbed Gerard's back a little and used his thumb to brush away the tears on his cheeks. "Just take some deep breaths, Baby come on. You'll hurt yourself breathing that way."
"Okay." Gerard choked, breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth.
"Yeah, just like that, you're doing good." Billie cooed, pressing his lips to the top of Gerard's head.
Donna chewed on the inside of her cheek. "I'll go get your medication, Honey..."
"A-Are you still going to make him go?" Gerard asked desperately.
"I'll... I-I'll think about it." She sighed before walking away to get Gerard's anxiety pills.
Gerard waited for her to leave the room, then climbed into Billie's lap just to get closer. "I'm scared." He whispered.
"Don't be." Billie assured him. "Look, even if she says you can't see me, I'm sure she'll take it back and I'd find a way to see you anyways. We're not gonna be kept apart, I promise. So just try to relax."
“I-I’m s-sorry for f-freaking out.”
“Don’t apologize. Just try to calm down a little… It’s okay, I’ve got you.”
Gerard’s mother returned a moment later with Gerard’s pills and a glass of water, which he quickly downed.
“Better?” Billie whispered, earning a weak nod from the smaller boy.
His mother took a deep breath and directed her gaze towards Billie. “How… How bad is your situation at home?”
“Umm…” Billie’s cheeks turned pink. He really didn’t like discussing it. “It… I-It’s not good but, I really don’t want to push whatever problems I have onto you.”
“Billie.” Gerard sniffed. “Just show her your back.”
“Gerard, I-”
“Baby, please?” He begged. “It’s serious, just show her.”
Billie sighed and got up from the couch, blushing as he tugged his shirt over his head and turned around so Donna could see the cuts and bruises on his back.
“Oh my God…” She breathed. “Honey, your mother did that to you?”
“Y-Yeah but, it’s really fine. I-I’m okay.” Billie stammered as he slipped his shirt back on and sat down next to Gerard again.
“She’s drunk all the time.” Gerard croaked. “H-His room is a closet, he’s scared to go home, I’m afraid to be alone at night, so he sleeps here.” He wiped his eyes and hugged Billie’s arm. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask you, but you would’ve said no.”
“Gerard, why didn’t you tell me all this?” Donna asked, her anger replaced with concern.

“I-I was going to ask you if he could stay with us tomorrow. H-He’s applying for the same college I’m going into, if he gets in, I’ll submit a request to be his roommate and we’ll be living together anyways.” Gerard gulped. “P-Please, I really just want to go back to bed and Billie can’t go back home.”
“Honey…” Donna sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m in a tough position here.”
“Well Jesus Mom, can you really not see how much he means to me? What are you going to keep us from doing that we haven’t done already? I love him, can you please just let him stay?”
“Mom, please?” Gerard pleaded. “He makes me feel so much better, just let me have this.”
“Look, he… H-He can stay. But only because I can’t send him back home.”
“Yes, just…” She bit her lip. “Don’t do anything while I’m still in the house, alright? He can stay until he has his college situation sorted out.”
A wave of relief washed over Gerard and he felt his nerves start to calm as he turned and yanked Billie into a hug. “Thank God.”
“Aw.” Billie chuckled, kissing the top of Gerard’s head before he looked up at Donna. “Thank you. It means a lot.”
“Well I can’t send you back home in good conscience… Just go back to bed, nothing while I’m in the house, alright Gerard?”
Gerard nodded and thanked her before pulling Billie up from the couch. “Come on.”
Billie said a quick goodnight to Donna and said thank you one more time, then followed him back into the basement, thankful that the whole ordeal was over. “Feel better now?”
“Yeah.” Gerard smiled, tugging him back over to his bed. “Come snuggle with me, okay? You’re living here now. I’ll help you get your stuff back from your mom’s house tomorrow.”
“Okay.” Billie smiled back, leaning in to give him a soft kiss on the lips before he pulled back the bed sheets and they were able to crawl back into bed together.
Gerard pulled the blankets up to their shoulders and snuggled in next to Billie, placing his head on the taller boy’s chest. “I love you, BeeJ…”
Billie blushed a little and wrapped his arms around Gerard’s small frame, giving him a comforting little squeeze. “I love you too, Gee.”

Chapter Seven
Three weeks went by and Billie’s application was submitted, his SATs were taken and passed, school was out and he was happily sharing the basement with Gerard. He felt pretty guilty for everything Gerard and his mother were doing for him though so, he used the money he earned from his shows to at least buy groceries along with any other small things they needed around the house.
“BeeJ.” Gerard chuckled from on top of the washing machine. “You don’t have to do everyone’s laundry.”
“Yes I do.” He smiled, shutting the door to the machine and reaching past Gerard to turn it on. “Did you check the mail?”
“Not yet but, your letter should be here soon. Your essay came out great, I know you’re gonna get in Baby.”
“I hope so.” Billie grimaced. “How’d you get your scholarship so early?”
“Eh.” Gerard shrugged and put his arms around Billie’s neck. “I had perfect grades, I applied early. They gave me a full ride.”
“You’re so smart.” Billie whispered, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on Gerard’s lips. “It’s a little sexy.”
“Mm, remember when we met and you didn’t even want to go to college?”
“Well that was before I knew I was gonna have such a cute roommate.” Billie smirked, planting another little kiss on Gerard’s cheek. “You look really good right now, you wanna go watch a movie downstairs?”
“Sure let’s just check the mail first.” Gerard said as he hopped down and grabbed Billie’s hand.
They left the laundry room and Gerard tugged Billie back through the house so they could get the mail. “You can’t have a heart attack if the letter is here, alright?” Gerard said as he took the small pile of letters from the mailbox and walked back into the living rom.
“Come onnn, just look.” Billie whined.
“Alright.” Gerard chuckled, sifting through the letters one by one.
“Is it there?”
“Hold on.” He put another letter on the bottom and gasped, grabbing Billie’s arm. “This is it!”
“It is?!” Billie exclaimed. “Holy shit, open it!”
“Okay!” Gerard giggled, ripping the envelope open so he could pull out the letter and read it. “Dear, Mr. Armstrong congratulations…” His eyes lit up. “YOU’RE IN!”
“Are you serious?!”
“YES! YOU FUCKING DID IT!” Gerard beamed, dropping the letter so he could throw his arms around Billie and smash their mouths together, not really caring that their teeth clacked or that there was way too much tongue.
Billie just made a surprised little mmph! sound and kissed Gerard back with just as much force, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy’s waist to keep from falling over. “Holy shit.” He laughed as Gerard peppered his face in kisses. “We’re going to fucking college together.”
“It’s gonna be perfect.” Gerard grinned. “We’ll live together and you can stay in your band without having to live with your mom and your financial aid was approved so with my mom’s help and everything, you’ll be totally fine!” He got up on his toes and pressed their lips together one more time. “I fucking love you, you know that? I’m so happy right now.”
“I love you too Baby.” Billie chuckled, giving Gerard’s hips a squeeze. “You uh… Y’know, your mom’s not home right now…”
“Yeah?” Gerard smirked. “And?”
“You uh… You wanna go down to your room and celebrate a little?” Billie blushed, hooking his fingers through Gerard’s belt loops.
“Billie Joe Armstrong.” Gerard giggled, pulling him down so their foreheads were touching. “You are officially invited to fuck my brains out.”
The End. [Sequel coming soon: College Try]
Sooo my laptop broke and I'm using another computer but I finished a 120 pg highschool au billierard fic and I'm hoping to have it edited and up by monday/tuesday
Hope you like it :)


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